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VDP Creator - Variable Data Printing for Large and Wide Format Printing

VDP Creator (VDP, Variable Data Printing) is a low-cost and extremely easy to use software solution for Variable Data Printing that is ideal for print service providers in large and wide format printing (LFP).

With VDP Creator (VDP, Variable Data Printing) ColorGATE offers for just 99,- €* per license for 5000 prints (VDP Creator Starter Kit) a very inexpensive and extremely easy to use software solution for Variable Data Printing via digital printing systems, ideally suited for print service providers in large and wide format printing (LFP) with small and medium sized print runs. When 5000 credits are spent, users can order online via internet at any time further credits, choosing between VDP Creator 10,000 credits vouchers or VDP Creator 25,000 credits voucher.

VDP Creator Starter Kit order form (end user)

Applying the functional-rich stand-alone design software users can create professional individualized artworks of static and variable elements (e.g. of a database) in minutes via the clear structured and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) without requiring any in-depth graphic design or graphic software skills. Through a variety of professional functions even complex data structures and layouts can be simply merged by drag and drop, e.g. text, images, graphics (also transparencies and overlays are possible), barcodes, QR codes, etc. A multiple user support allows different users to work with one software license, while one user has the right to print.

Current In-RIP and stand-alone solutions for VDP available in the LFP market usually possess only limited basic functions or are very expensive. External solutions are mostly just available as plug-in for graphic design software (Indesign/ Acrobat). Users need to acquire an extensive knowledge in handling these tools and especially variable content. Thus VDP Creator from ColorGATE is unique in this form and covers the entire prepress process.

Areas of application

  • Digital Label Printing
  • Signs & Displays
  • Promotional / Advertising Items

Product Highlights

  • Full featured stand-alone product with the lowest entry costs
  • Including an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and editor

    • No other graphic design software is required
    • Easy to use drag and drop functionality enables very fast creation of VDP print jobs

  • Support of all relevant data base structures, e.g. dBase DBF, Microsoft Access / Excel, TXT or CSV, Oracle, SQL, etc.
  • Supports of all relevant graphic input formats, e.g. TIFF, PDF, PS, EPS, EPSF, BMP, PDF, JPEG, WMF, PNG, GIF
  • Full support of spot colors
  • Usage of embedded spot color channels as well as assigning within the editor
  • Integrated barcodes and QR code generator
  • Support for PDF/VT output
  • Multiple user license (multiple users can work with one software license, but only one user has the rights to print)
  • Integrates perfectly with ColorGATE Productionserver 
  • Direct connection to ColorGATE RIP software solutions via an integrated virtual printer
  • Attractive pay-per-print model
  • Buy as you go model with low investment

How does Variable Data Printing work with VDP Creator?

VDP Creator makes assembly of templates/ layouts as well as static and dynamic elements to an individualized artwork quick and easy. After starting the software the graphical design surface will open. Now a static layout-file can be imported, which was previously created in another program. At this point, the user can also directly create a layout, without using an external graphics program. Via drag and drop any items (text, images, and graphics) can be easily pulled and arranged onto the design surface.

Then, dynamic content from a database can be imported and inserted anywhere into the layout as desired. Therefore at first a frame is drawn. Afterwards the user can select a database and place the database fields via drag-and-drop within the frame. Within the framework, the content can be edited, including overlays and transparency effects. Once the document is completed, it can be printed on any printer.


Applying the virtual printer driver of ColorGATE, even printer-specific formats of a printer can be imported as templates into VDP Creator.

Advantages of using VDP Creator

  • Production
    • Easy and cost-efficient VDP solution for Large and Wide Format Printing
    • Optimization of the production times of variable data documents
    • High-speed printing
    • Reduction of production costs
  • Graphic
    • Preservation of spot colors independently of the print (When using a virtual driver or when saving as PDF)
    • Objects can be set with a rectangle shaped border, that can be colored with a spot color to generate basic cut lines (no free hand or round objects possible)
    • Printing through ColorGATE virtual printer driver to directly create templates for the actual printer size
    • Perfectly combinable with ColorGATE RIP software solutions
  • Users
    • Quick and easy to learn operation for beginners
    • Comprehensive professional functions for experts
    • Dynamic E-learning tools available
    • Extremely user friendly design interface
    • Intuitive drag-and-drop operation and simple layout creation
  • VDP Creator & ColorGATE RIP-Software
  • VDP Creator harmonizes perfectly with the different ColorGATE RIP software solutions. Combining VDP Creator and ColorGATE RIP software ensures at any time for any printed product that is produced:

    • Highest color accuracy,
    • Color consistency / repeatability
    • Special colors handling (white, silver, varnish, primer)
    • Shapes and finishing

    *Note: All the price information provided here reflects the manufacturer's recommended prices and not a special offer individually customized to meet your specific needs. All prices indicated are net prices for commercial/business customers only. Please add all applicable statutory sales tax (VAT) to these prices.

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