Digital solutions for all printing companies

The graphic arts industry is one of the most creative, changeable industries. The digital transformation has been in full swing since the invention of "desktop publishing" in the eighties, and today in many companies the classic offset press and the digital printing system are peacefully coexisting. Standardization and automation are a prerequisite for efficient work.

Products and services from ColorGATE help you in many ways: state-of-the-art color management with the Productionserver ensures that you get the same results on all your printing systems. In this way, you can work according to recognized standards, such as the ProcessStandard Digital Printing. And you select the printing system for the specific job according to economic efficiency, not according to whether it works digital or analogue.

Digital proofs, created quickly and easily with Productionserver or Proofgate, simplify coordination with the customer and prevent complaints.

The Computer-to-Screen Module and the Film and Plate Module enable films to be imaged easily and without chemicals. Computer-to-Plate systems are also supported.


  • Economic production of short runs without compromising quality
  • Accurate digital proofs simplify coordination with your customers and prevent complaints
  • Establish color and printing standards for your entire production
  • Generate raster data for the chemical-free production of printing films or for computer-to-plate


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Application Areas

  • Digital commercial printing
  • Digital proofs
  • Standardization of printing systems and operating procedures
  • Creation of halftone films with inkjet printers
  • Control of computer-to-plate systems
  • Process automation

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