When the inkjet printer is printing like the offset press

A proof is a simulation of the later printing result. Particularly with analogue printing processes, where printing plates have to be exposed, gravure cylinders engraved or flexo clichés developed, it is important to detect possible errors in advance. But even with larger digital printing systems, it is important to agree on the printing result and coloring with the customer before going into production. Today, such proofs are produced on large format inkjet printers.

To enable precise color simulation, the ColorGATE Productionserver and Proofgate work with color profiles based on the internationally proven ICC standard. Both the production system and the proof printing system are "characterized", i.e. their color reproduction is measured with the help of our profiler modules. This data is later used to precisely output the output of the production printing system on the proofing system.

Beside the simulation of a reference device there are other possible applications for color management software:

  • Standard-compliant print output, for example according to ISO or G7
  • Achieving the largest possible color gamut on a printing system
  • Campaign Printing: different printing systems with different technologies are controlled in such a way that the largest common color space is used - and the brand color on the coffee cup matches that on the flyer.

Your Benefits

  • Realistic representation of printing results before you make films, plates or screens
  • Accurate digital proofs simplify coordination with your customers and prevent complaints
  • Establish color and printing standards for your entire production
  • Produce campaigns with consistent colors

Application Areas

  • Digital proofs for the printing industry, also certified
  • Standardization and certification according to ISO, PSD or G7, legally binding proofing
  • Maximization of the color range of your delivery device
  • Campaign printing

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