Developing an inkjet printing system requires more than properly engineered hardware. The selection and integration of print heads, controllers and software is evenly important at least. Only a well-tuned solution will deliver the quality, ease-of-use and economic KPIs that your customers expect – we are here to help you with that!

ColorGATE has driven and shaped the digital transformation of industrial printing since decades, and with all the different philosophies and approaches out there, we provide you the expertise to make your digital printing system a success. We work vendor-agnostic and will pick the best from the many competing concepts in the market.

We provide the following know-how:

  • Specification of requirements: Which inks to pick? Which heads make sense? What are the characteristics of the medium and its transportation?

  • Conceptual phase: Help with the RFP process, recommendation of industrial partners to collaborate with, preparation of a proof of concept, calculation, time schedules

  • Implementation: Coordination, project assistance, risk management


  • Technology consulting for inkjet system manufacturers and OEMs
  • We support you with developing a world-class digital printing solution
  • Benefit from our expertise in inks, heads, electronics and software
  • Vendor-agnostic consulting: we help you pick the best components
  • Assistance along all project stages
  • Industrial Lab Edition: Your software to test new inkjet systems
  • Testing: definition of test cases and procedures, assistance and management

  • System start-up and aftersales: support, training and recommendations, workflow integration

  • The Industrial Lab Edition of Productionserver: Designed for manufacturers of digital printing systems who are currently developing their system. It allows flexible adaptation to different test scenarios regarding print heads, print resolution and ink systems.