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The textile industry is discovering the advantages of digital printing. Be it direct-to-garment printing or roll-to-roll printing (direct or indirect) – digital inkjet printing is well suited for small to medium production runs and in particular for mass customization. That way, it enables highly profitable new business models.

In doing so, accurate color management is crucial. Textile designers want to see their drafts produced just like they envisioned them during the creative stage. Mass customization requires highest quality combined with maximum automation. And only the right white creation leads to brilliant and dynamic colors on dark garments.

ColorGATE’s Textile Productionserver is exactly the product you need – regardless if you are a garment decorator, print technology vendor or reseller / consultant.


  • Color consistency from the creative stage through to production printing
  • Digital textile printing enables new products and business models
  • Matching results on textiles and other branded products
  • Automated creation of “Brightness” white underbases for bright and dynamic colors on dark garments
  • Color management for printer fleets, even in different locations
  • Software can be individually customized

Application Areas

  • Direct-to-garment printing
  • Roll-to-roll textile printing (direct and transfer)
  • Cut piece production
  • Home textiles, fashion and apparel

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