With ColorGATE Productionserver, you always remain at the cutting edge of technology. Our regular updates provide you with new functions that simplify your work, improve your printing results, and save you money. With new modules and innovative features you improve your printing results, your color management and your margin!

Also, the number of supported devices increases with every version. To find out which version you need for your device, please check our list of supported devices.

To find out what you might miss when staying with an older version, you should check our list of benefits. You will find the highlights of each Productionserver version there.

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Discover the benefits of each version!


Higher Processing Speed

Process your RIP and print jobs faster with every version and get a higher marging - just by updating your software!

Software Licensing

No need to wait for your hardware dongle! With fast and easy software licensing, you can start using Productionserver right away!

New Modules & Features

Every version comes with new modules and features to make your working day easier, your results better and to improve your ROI.

Discover the Highlights for each Version:

                                                                                                                                                                      Version 10Version 20Version 21Version 22Version 23
Adobe PDF Print EngineVersion 4.2Version 5.5Version 5.6Version 6.0Version 6.2
Inprovement of processing speed (compared to previous version, varies depending on file type and device)±70%±410%±20%***±15%
Number of supported devices1.500+1.700+1.800+1.850+1900+
Improved gamut mapping for smoother gradients, more sturated colors and higher contrastxxxxx
Improved print quality through new screening method: Error diffusionxxxxx
Easy sharing of jobs between different printers: job send to functionxxxxx
Extended profiler settings and new multicolor modes for better untilization of the printer's gamut as well as the intelligent use of gamut enhancing colorsxxxxx
Rapid Spectro Cube: measuring technology for non-paper substratesxxxxx
Tailor-made software solutions for industrial application areas: Ceramics, Décor, Textile and Packagingxxxxx

New modules*:

  • Job Backup Module: saves all relevant data and settings on a job level
  • Channel Redirection Module: allows to send print data flexible to different printheads
  • Fingerprint Module: enables the creation of a digital reference of a physical production
  • Out of Gamut Module: shows expected color deviations in form of a heatmap for quick and easy assessment
  • Digital Front End Profiler Module: includes the linearization into the ICC profile for use in 3rd party applications
Software licensing for quick and easy logistics – no need to work with a physical dongle anymore xxxx
Subscription pricing for industrial products: always-up-to-date software with predictable costs xxxx
Extended InkSaver options for even greater savings xxxx
Updated user interface, thoroughly revised in terms of responsiveness, simplified handling, clearer dialogs and general look and feel trough modernized UI elements xxxx
PANTONE® and freieFarbe support: preinstalled libraries for use with our Color Replacement Module xxxx
Numerous new functions for the linearization and profiling wizard in order to deliver better results on inhomogeneous surfaces and for multicolor usage, as well as provide extended control over used inks and gray/black generation xxxx
Automatic white generation when printing on dark substrates, e.g. a black shirt xxxx

New modules*:

  • Spectral Spot Module: work with spectral spot color definitions (CxF/4) and access your PantoneLIVE® account directly from Productionserver
  • Retouch Module: last-minute Photoshop corrections directly on the print files, without changing the original data. Color correct preview even for multichannel files
  • Rest API Module: a web-based interface with which the Productionserver can be controlled remotely – the most advanced way to automate your workflow
  • Color Correction Loop Module: iterative and automated color corrections on a job level
Extended Unicode support: No more limits on naming conventions, characters, and languages  xxx
Full automated printer calibration, characterization, reference generation and re-run setup including necessary color corrections**  xxx
Texture Printing: produce tactile printouts the way you want it. Import a file with gloss and/or height information and set up slicing, used inks and printer specific options quick and easily**  xxx
Rapid Spectro Cube LED: Reengineered for better handling and more flexible use, and all-around renewed lighting technology for even more accurate and consistent color capturing  xxx
Various improved Modules, e.g. Fingerprint support for light colors, full gamut option for profiler, improved System Backup, more flexible and user friendly generation of retouch files, Color Correction Loop for design series and many more  xxx
Enhanced preview when working with transparencies, colored substrates and XClr color modes  xxx
Completely revised MIM management: easy addition of relevant information, new file format, easier import and export, better overview   xx
Subscription Pricing for all software products   xx
2.5D basic technology   xx
Extension of the REST API Module: Support of droplet separation curves, Color Correction Loop Module and Proofgate   xx
Enhancement of the Cost Calculation Module: The media type "Item" can be used to generate cost reports on unit costs   xx
New channel preview: Showing the different separations, for example to check white generation   xx
Job positioning in the media preview (v22.10): A new toolbar allows numerical positioning and scaling in the media preview. It is also possible to scale and position manually with the mouse.   xx
Custom background color for media preview (v22.10): add a background color to your job to see how it will look like on a colored substrate   xx
Custom targets: save your own targets for later use, easy access via pull-down menu   xx
New feature in xClr Profiler: Process colors and gamut-enhancing colors can be combined manually or automatically, maximizing color gamut   xx
Possibility to create web tickets directly in Productionserver    x
Improvement of the "Cropping" function: crop jobs automatically, configure Hotfolders to apply the new cropping modes, the cropped area is darkened now    x
The CrossXColor library was updated to V1.20.3: Increased compatibility and performance    x
See in the program settings whether the license is used in online or offline mode, and change the usage mode if required    x
Improvement of User Interface: select multiple jobs when restoring backups, open Existing linearizations and profiles directly from the MIM administration, the module info dialog now shows all modules that are available with the current license    x
Fingerprint with Color Correction Loop Module: apply automated color corrections when printing reruns with Fingerprint production files    x

REST API with new functions:

  • Create and edit containers
  • Provide the resolution and the format of the output file as pixel specification
  • Separation curves from the profile settings dialog
  • Delete MIMs and profiles
  • Support of the Fingerprint Technology
  • Support of the Job Backup Module
Fingerprint Module supports PDF files: create Fingerprint Production Files (.fpf) from PDFs    x

Color Replacement:

  • Implementation of the “Spot Colour Tone Value” algorithm for calculating spot color gradients according to ISO 20654
  • Implementation of an improved method for merging spot color replacements into the output color space
New Pantone color tables
Setup Assistant: After a new installation, a new assistant guides through the essential steps to work with our software, also offering simplified backup and restore processes from previous versions.    x
Effortless Job Management:
  • Generate QR Codes for each job for efficient task identification and automation.
  • Implement QR Codes attached to jobs, featuring a cut path for cohesive yet easily separable job and label pairing (new feature for the Print and Cut Module)
The channel preview has been extended with an option for non-screen workflows to display all channels side by side    x
The Color Picker has been optimized to also display special colors, increasing usability    x

*Can be purchased optionally
** Exact scope depends on used equipment
*** Better processing speed with Intel Alder Lake processors
**** PS 22 supports Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.7, 22.10 supports version 6.0