Our Professional Services Team has a reputation for color management and application expertise, covering all process steps from digital content creation through to production printing. If you require training, assistance or knowledge relating to your digital printing workflow, please feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help you.

One of our exclusive offerings is the Professional Color Management Services (PCMS) Menu:

You use modern hardware and software. But do you also have a color management strategy?

Where do you stand compared to your competitors? Does what you see on your monitor match with what you will see later? What quality standards do you set for your prepress? Do you work to a standard? What is the level of color management knowledge of your employees?

ColorGATE helps you to evaluate, analyze and plan your color management expertise, sets up your hardware and software with you and enables you to achieve the best possible color quality - a real competitive advantage for you!


  • We determine a color management strategy for your company
  • We optimize color across process chains and locations
  • You reduce queries and complaints
  • Increase your margin through high-quality products and less manual intervention
  • You can use industry standards for your advertising

ColorGATE Professional Color Management Services

We offer you the following service packages:

  • ColorGATE Color Gap Analysis - we analyze the color management strengths and weaknesses in your business. You receive a detailed evaluation with recommendations for action and thus discover dormant potential. By the way, we offer the analysis independently of the manufacturer, so you do not have to use a ColorGATE product!
  • Color Management for designers - learn how to optimize your workplace and efficiently communicate brand colors. Includes X-Rite spectrophotometer, Pantone Swatchbooks and one day of on-site training, ColorGATE RIP optional.
  • Softproofing - contains all components to simulate print products on a calibrated monitor in a color-accurate manner. Includes X-Rite spectrophotometer, standard light technology from Just, i1 Publish Pro Profiling Suite and one day on-site training - optionally with quarterly check-up.
  • Production Proofing - everything you need to create color correct inkjet proofs. Includes an inkjet printer from Epson, 2 rolls of ColorGATE Proofing Media á 30m, ColorGATE proofing software including profiler for reference creation, X-Rite spectrophotometer including measuring table, standard light technology from Just as well as one day of on-site training - optionally with a quarterly check-up.
  • Color Management Professional Print - covers all color management topics from creation through prepress to production printing. We work with you to create profiles for your printing systems and show you how to use them correctly. Includes the ColorGATE DFE Profiler, an X-Rite spectrophotometer with measuring table as well as one or two days of on-site training - optionally with proof software from ColorGATE, inkjet printers from Epson, ColorGATE Proofing Media, standard light technology from Just and a quarterly check-up.
  • Conformance and Assistance - a flexible offer in which qualified and experienced color management experts take over tasks such as setup, profiling and consulting.