Dear ColorGATE customer,

thank you for purchasing our software! 

To make it easier for you to get started with your new software, we here provide the manuals for installation and activation of the software.
Getting Started Guide (SHL Software)

Everything you need to know to get your software running!

Download Getting Started Guide (EN)

Multi Host License Guide

The detailed guide for our new license model: Multi Host License

Download Multi Host Guide (EN)

Getting Started Guide (SHL Hardware)

If you have a hardware license, please download your guide here:

Download Hardware Guide (EN)

RSC LED Hardware and Software Manuals

Everything you need to know to get your RSC LED and its software running!

RSC LED Hardware Manual

Download RSC LED Hardware Manual (EN)

RSCCaptureV2 Software Manual

Download RSCCaptureV2 Software-Manual (EN)


For a visual guide of how to install your software please watch our video for software licensing:

Guides in all offered languages can be found here:
Multi Host Guides
RSC LED Hardware Manuals


RSC LED Software Manuals