Take Your Printing Workflow to the Next Level!

The color-accurate printing on decorative products is a great challenge due to the different natural materials and complicated production. ColorGATE provides you with the tools to efficiently adapt your digital data to the constantly changing conditions.

The decoration industry has already discovered the benefits of digital printing in many areas. The advantages are obvious: décor changes can be made at the touch of a button, and long and expensive set-up times are reduced to a minimum.

Accurate color management is important to reduce production interruptions due to manual tests and color adjustments, and to enable fast reproductions of existing decors - which also reduces production costs.

With Decór Productionserver, ColorGATE offers the product you need - no matter whether you are an end user, ink manufacturer or printing system manufacturer.


  • Automize your production workflow for digital decór printing
  • Color correct reproduction from creative design to the finished product
  • Ultra-fast measurement technology, also for structured, shiny or colored surfaces
  • Coordinated color management across production sites
  • Same results on different devices, production lines and different locations
  • Fast reproduction of decors without tedious color adjustments

„No matter at which world-wide location we produce our decors, ColorGATE’s flexible, customerspecific solutions ensure maximum color consistency and reproducibility. This is the key building block to achieve identical quality and color accuracy in the complex finishing of wood materials.“

Patrick Faramia, Impress Surfaces GmbH

Application Areas

  • Composite wood
  • Décor films and laminates
  • Flooring and vinyl parquetry
  • Edge bands for boards and furniture

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