ColorGATE’s software solutions are the result of long-standing know-how and experience in the digital print market. In order to protect our intellectual property, our software is equipped with rights management technology. Still, we want to make working with ColorGATE as easy as possible for you!

Software Licensing

After purchasing your ColorGATE software, you need to activate it. With ColorGATE, that is pretty easy!

From version 20 on, ColorGATE offers a new licensing model: software licensing. 
Instead of waiting for a data carrier to arrive, you can easily download your software and activate it online.


  • Fast online delivery of your products
  • One more USB port available for you
  • No more damaged or lost hardware
  • Easy upgrades & flexible handling
Find out how our new software licensing works!

In this video our colleague Yasemin shows you how to create a user account, install and activate your software with software licensing. 

Other licensing options

Multi Host License

The Multi Host License is an efficient licensing option for multiple users. If you are working on multiple computers in a network, this is your license of choice.

With a Multi Host License, you can work with different instances of the software installed on multiple computers.  Add multiple instances of your main product, modules, or options such as RIP processes to work on multiple computers simultaneously. For more information about Multi Host Licenses please read our guide.

Hardware Dongle

If you work on frequently changing computers, our hardware dongle is the right choice for you! 
For an additional charge you get a hardware dongle and an USB stick with the installer for your software.
Note: Not available in China (from version 20 on).