High-quality color profiles for industrial print products!


  • Capture a complete chart in seconds!
  • For Linearization, Profiling and Media Device Synchronization
  • Minimum patch size: 1x1mm
  • Non-contact measuring method - no traces of the measuring device on your product!

Color management is a crucial factor in digital industrial printing. To be competitive, your colors must not only look good, but also be consistent and of high quality.

In our whitepaper, you will find useful information on color management, tools and best practices that can help you achieve great color results.

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The color measurement technology of the traditional printing industry is designed for paper. In industrial printing or in the production of promotional items (textiles, smartphone covers, folding rulers, bottle caps and similar objects), the usual handheld spectrophotometers quickly reach their limits.

ColorGATE's Rapid Spectro Cube brings an end to quality compromises!

First, you use the integrated Target Generator to create a color target that matches your printed object. In doing so, the individual measuring fields can be reduced to as small as 1x1 mm. Simply place the object with the printed target into your Rapid Spectro Cube. The included software creates an overview image of the object, which you can use to flexibly place the measurement marks. CCD-based measurement technology provides precise, repeatable L*a*b* readings for each field within seconds, which are used by the profiler, also included, to create linearizations, ICC profiles, and media device synchronizations!

Your solution to any color measurement challenge!

The Rapid Spectro Cube delivers precise values - even for small, unusually shaped, textured or glossy surfaces!

Discover our Variants

New! Rapid Spectro Cube LED


  • The latest generation with LED illumination!
  • Compact design, easy to transport and ship
  • Measuring drawer holds objects up to 30 (D) x 40 (W) x 10 (H) cm or 11.8 x 13.7 x 4 in
  • Alternative: positioning of the RSC without drawer above the substrate to be measured
  • LED illumination with extremely high color rendering index (CRI) ensures true-to-life color reproduction
Rapid Spectro Cube Heavy Duty: The right choice for heavy and bulky objects.

Built-in drawer for heavy objects - up to 30 kg!
Measurement size up to 60x60 cm, thickness up to 80 mm

Rapid Spectro Cube Flight Case: The portable one

Built-in trolley - can be transported and checked in as luggage
Ready to use within minutes
Perform color measurements easily and quickly on site - no matter where you are!


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