Always on the safe side with ColorGATE’s competent support!

Production and prepress managers bear a high responsibility: your production workflow, with its hardware and software elements needs to run reliably. This can prove to be quite challenge as in the world of digital prepress there is a continuous flow of new software versions, file formats and standards.

With our Value Packs, we help you to tackle this challenge. An active Value Pack does not only grant you free access to our technical support, also you will always run the latest version of your ColorGATE software: be the first one to receive upgrades ad updates and stay up-to-date. 

You have a new device? No problem! With an active Value Pack, you can exchange your drivers (within your current category) – free of charge!

Also, you can try out new modules for four weeks bevore purchasing them!

Have a look at our Value Pack options:


  • Your insurance against software bugs and compatibility issues
  • Web support free of charge
  • ColorGATE software always up-to-date
  • Driver exchange free of charge