New turn-key solution for digital ceramics tile decoration

ColorGATE at Tecnargilla 2016 in Rimini/Italy. At Tecnargilla 2016, September 26th – 30th, in Rimini/Italy ColorGATE presents a new turn-key solution targeting ceramics tile producers with digital ceramic printing systems. The solution focuses on all important work steps that influence or are related to colors within the ceramic tile decoration process. Starting from design creation, with real-color on screen assessment and paper proofing to final tile production on any given digital ceramics printing system up to re-runs of already produced designs that may have to be color consistently reproduced on a different production line than the initial production.


Combined package: Ceramic Productionserver & Rapid Spectro Cube HD (RSC HD SP)

ColorGATE is debuting the Rapid Spectro Cube HD SP (RSC HD SP) a colorimetric scanning and measuring system that features a high-resolution CCD and is connected to the firms Ceramic Productionserver a completely featured color management software dedicated to color-accurate print data generation for any digital ceramics printer. The combined package serves as an ultra-fast and highly precise color capturing solution to provide color profiles that can be used for printer calibration and color characterization as well as for color separation purposes in order to prepare any image or even whole design series automatically into the necessary ink channels depending on intended production method or individual line set up.  

In addition the system is able to obtain highest quality scans in seconds that can be retouched with standard image editing applications or it clones original materials such as marble, wood or existing tile surfaces color accurately and directly into multichannel output files to be reproduced on a digital ceramics inkjet. An absolute innovation for all digital surface decoration applications launches ColorGATE with the Fingerprint Module at Tecnargilla. It provides a patented method to produce color consistent re-runs of digitally decorated surfaces. It features a unique method of colorimetric design specification.

First total solution for digital ceramics tile production

Ceramic Productionserver is a complete workflow and color management solution dedicated to digital ceramic printing and typical ceramic production environments. In conjunction with the new Rapid Spectro Cube HD SP it serves as a turn-key solution that takes care of all color related aspects within the digital ceramics tile decoration process.

Together with ceramics color management specialist ColorinLab and its CEO Juan Martorell Climent ColorGATE is developing solutions that serve producers of ceramic wall and floor tiles to increase color consistency, improve productivity and reduce ink consumption with their use of industrial inkjet printers for ceramics.  

“Ceramics Productionserver and Rapid Spectro Cube represent the first complete color management solution that solves all problems in digital ceramics decoration.” says Juan Martorell Climent, Color Management and Ceramics Decoration Expert, CEO and Founder COLORINLAB COLOR CONSULTING S.L. During the entire show he will demonstrate and explain the new offering together with an international team of ColorGATE experts from Italy, Spain, China and Germany.


The solution addresses the different user needs within a ceramics producing company.


  • In the design process solution provides color accurate scans of original surfaces such as wood, stone, marble 
  • A unique approach provide RGB or CMYK working space profiles that represent multichannel color profiles which are equal in color gamut. These can be used for separation and retouching purposes in Adobe Photoshop and provide on-screen preview accuracy
  • Color accurate paper proofing with all leading proofers  

Color Management:

  • Complete feature set to meet all color related design requirements to arrive in the shortest possible way at final product quality. The profiling wizard for multichannel ICC and Devicelink profiles is very easy to operate and provides automatic and manual functions to minimizes color faults that produce waste


  • Support of all ceramic printing systems with 3 to 8 channels 
  • Integrated Ink Saver Feature to reduce ink amounts with no visible effect
  • Easy Design-to-Line Conversion to manage reproduction of  designs on different lines with different inks and/or glazes
  • Unique workflow to obtain digital design specifications as references and color match those without the effort of  countless iterations  


  • Competent installation and training service through ColorGATE
  • Deep know-how about digital ceramics production 
  • Global Support as well as local companionship and technical assistance in all leading regional clusters for ceramics tile production available 

8 technical highlights at a glance 

  • Central print data management system for highest process efficiency from the design to the final ceramic product
  • Support of all ceramic printing systems of all leading vendors with 3 to 8 channels 
  • Processing of all common file formats as well as multichannel data (Adobe Photoshop PSD and PSB files) with color correct preview
  • Includes color management tools and workflows dedicated to ceramics 
  • Ink Saver technology for reduction of ink usage up to 15%
  • Gamut preview function to select of suitable color combinations
  • Patented Fingerprint technology for color consistent re-runs of digitally decorated tiles
  • Features n-Color-transformations for automatic design conversion between lines
  • Provides RGB and CMYK working space profiles for convenient retouching using Adobe Photoshop  


Innovation Launch in Rimini: The Fingerprint Module (FPRM)


As an additional highlight at Tecnargilla 2016 ColorGATE presents the Fingerprint Module (FPRM) for the first time. Its objective is to ensure color consistency of re-runs of the same design and it is based on a patent that was recently granted to the firm.

What is so special about it?

So far ICC profiling was only applied for device-specific color characterization to achieve an optimal representation of arbitrary artworks, digital imaging or document files on an ICC-profiled device. Meanwhile it is widely experienced that the standard ICC color management approach is not sufficient for managing colors suitably in ceramic production.
Fingerprint technology extends the standard graphic arts approach and applies a new methodology for synchronous design specification and process  characterization to be used in industrial surface decoration. 

It creates a Fingerprint Production File that includes a colorimetric specification of the initial print run which afterward provides the reliable base to reach a color consistent reproduction in future.
The colorimetric specification contains all design colors which allows future print runs to minimize interpolation errors during color transformation into output device color spaces of any given digital printing system.
A color consistent re-print can be performed on any alternative production system or line as long as its gamut covers the specific color space of the individual specification.
Therefore it provides an ideal approach to ceramic wall and floor tile producers that need to ensure that each new production lot color matches the design reference. The software provides an intuitive user interface and is a practical application that is easily trained and requires no expert knowledge. 

Fingerprint is to date the only available procedure to make reprints of specific designs to match their references without manual retouching effort. The company is therefore also offering this unique technology to interested OEM´s such as printing machine vendors and ceramic ink and design suppliers.

If you are interested in our solutions you are more than welcome to visit ColorGATE at Tecnargilla 2016! Tecnargilla is the world´s most important showcase of technological and stylistic innovation for the ceramic and brick industry, offering a sneak preview of the products in store for the future.

Pavilion D1, booth186, Rimini Fiera, Expo Centre, Italy 

Read more about the Ceramic Productionserver & Rapid Spectro Cube HD (RSC HD) on our new folder [PDF]. 


About ColorGATE

ColorGATE has been successfully developing software solutions, RIP software and printer driver technology for Commercial Printing and Industrial Printing since 1997.

ColorGATE’s core product, Productionserver, a modular RIP, workflow and color management software is used daily around the globe by thousands of digital imaging users. ColorGATE has been successfully active on the up-and-coming market of Industrial Printing since the beginning in 2000. With the Industrial Productionserver solutions for specific application areas of indus-trial production of decor, ceramic, textile and packaging, ColorGATE sup-plies modular software solutions since 2016.

In addition ColorGATE distributes color measuring devices and accessories for professional color management purposes to create color profiles for digital imaging, prepress and digital printing. Since 2010 ColorGATE provides SmartControl, an approved Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS) for operation in industrial grade digital printing systems. 

Ceramic Productionserver is a complete workflow and color management solution dedicated to digital ceramic printing and typical ceramic production environments. In conjunction with the new Rapid Spectro Cube HD SP it serves as a turn-key solution that takes care of all color related aspects within the digital ceramics tile decoration process.

As experts for applied color management and developers of intelligent device drivers for digital printing systems of all kinds, ColorGATE´s team continu-oslyprovides  it’s know-how to users and partners to offer high performing, and reliable solutions to the diversity of different requirements and areas of application.

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About ColorInLab
ColorInLab is a color management solutions and services provider in the ceramic printing market. Based in Castellón Spain at the heart of the Spanish ceramics industry ColorInLab was established in 2006 by Juan Martorell Climent with the objective to deliver high-class color management solutions and services to the market. During this time ColorInLab has been the Iberian distribution partner for ColorGATE.

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