Launch of ColorGATE RIP Software Version 10

ColorGATE expands further with 10th generation the areas flexibility, performance and Color Management. The innovative Version 10 RIP Software solutions Productionserver, Filmgate and Proofgate offer more efficiency, security and on top of that will simplify the daily production for nearly all applications in Commercial and Industrial Printing.

10 highlights of ColorGATE Printing Software Version 10 at a glance

  1. Latest Adobe PDF Print Engine 4.3
  2. Performance boost of RIP Software
  3. Optimized multipage handling of PDF files
  4. Extended HP Latex Media Management for the HP Latex printers
  5. Job Backup Module (JBM)
  6. New Job Send to function
  7. Channel Redirection Module (CRDM)
  8. Error Diffusion Screen
  9. Improvement of Gamut Viewer and Print and Cut Module (PCM)
  10. New and extended licensing model (MHL, SHL)

The Version 10 launch video and the Version 10 highlights website feature all information, too.

“The 10th generation of our RIP Software addresses equally the feedback of our end users and partners. Productionserver 10, Filmgate 10 and Proofgate 10 are our latest milestones for nearly all applications in Commercial and Industrial Printing. The new Industrial Productionserver family offers now fully fledged software suits for ceramic digital printing, surface decoration and versatile applications in packaging printing with a comprehensive range of special functions and modularly configurable specifications for the respective field of application. We are refining our portfolio steadily with products such as Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC), Colorrizer, SmartControl (IP OS) or our CG Media solutions in order to simplify the everyday work circumstances for our end users.” Thomas Kirschner, CEO and founder of ColorGATE

Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 4.3
ColorGATE Version 10 stands out by utilizing the latest version of the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 4.3 - the market-leading RIP engine for a fast image processing of complex graphics without any surprises. Adobe PDF Print Engine renders content which matches the display in all other Adobe Creative Cloud product (Adobe DC e.g.). Using the same core Adobe PDF technology at every stage of the print workflow. During the integration process of APPE, ColorGATE removed bugs and improved the stability further. Additionally, the overall processing speed of PDF/X and PDF/VT has been further optimized and the overall handling of multi-page PDFs has been improved.

These are some of the highlights of the latest APPE 4.3:

  • Improved cache management
  • Live transparency
  • 16-bit processing
  • Tight integration with PDF Library
  • Optimized compression
  • Non-binary halftones
  • VDP support

Performance boost of RIP Software
With the latest optimization Productionserver 10 further increases productivity. Contemporary industrial high-performance printing systems are capable of printing hundreds or even thousands of square meters per hour. It is vital, that the frontend solution is capable of keeping up with these speed requirements, which includes PDF or raster formats, such as TIFF. Even in Commercial Printing the performance requirements are increasing steadily, especially since often print data has to be served to multiple printers at once. Due to these requirements the processing architecture of all Version 10 products has been optimized to substitute sequential processing steps with parallel task processing.

HP Latex Media Management
ColorGATE offers with Version 10 an extended HP Latex Media Management for printers of the HP Latex printers, which improves sustainably the media management between the RIP Software and the printer. Proprietary HP OMES packages, substrate presets, can be sent directly to a HP Latex printer by a ColorGATE RIP Software product (3rd party support as well). Additionally, OMES packages can be downloaded from the printer and further processed by Productionserver. These ICC profiles can be used to generate custom MIM (Media-Ink-Metamode) combinations in Productionserver. 

New modules: Job Backup Module (JBM) and Channel Redirection Module (CRDM)
The Job Backup Module (JBM) enables archiving of single print jobs — if desired including all job specific settings (e.g. profiles and print data) — to a freely definable directory. At a later time these jobs can be reproduced on the same or on another printer using the original settings. This archiving can be triggered manually or automatically. Often recurring jobs or reprints can be easily reproduced without the effortful testing and rediscovering of the original setting. 

The Channel Redirection Module (CRDM) enables the definition which color channel should be printed on which print head. Until now this was only possible for the screen workflow to a limited extent. In Version 10 this module is available for production and proof workflow. In addition, it is now possible to redirect one color channel to multiple print heads.

Improvement of Gamut Viewer and Print and Cut Module (PCM)
The Gamut Viewer in Version 10 has been updated. In general the visualization of the different ICC color gamuts has been improved. The precision of multicolor gamuts has been improved too.

The Cut Path preview for the Print and Cut Module (PCM) is now directly available with the calculation of the document preview. This preview does not require the print data to show the cut path as it was in the past. User sees all relevant document information just after the preview calculation.

As of now, Version 10 is available for all Value Pack customers. Furthermore, ColorGATE offers a promotion for existing customers within the launch of Version 10 until September 30th 2016. End users can contact the Customer Service Team via the contact form on the ColorGATE website for their personal access to Version 10 as well as regarding to the terms of the promotion.


About ColorGATE

Since 1997 ColorGATE has been successful developing software solutions, RIP Software and printer driver technology for the Commercial Printing (Digital, Conventional Printing, Prepress) and Industrial Printing. 

Our core product Productionserver a modular RIP and Color Management software is used by thousands of digital imaging end users all around the world every day. We are actively engaged in the emerging Industrial Printing market since its beginnings 10 years ago. With SmartControl we are offering a complete practice-approved Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS).

As experts for excellent Color Management and comprehensive control of printing sys-tems, we are committing our knowledge day-to-day to our end users and partners to deliver individual and flexible solutions for various requirements and application areas.

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