Industrial Printing solutions for Workflow & Color Management and 3D surface printing

At Inprint Milan, taking place from 20-22 November 2018, ColorGATE presents its comprehensive solution portfolio for digital print automation and color standardization along the entire process chain in the age of Industry 4.0 with Workflow, RIP and Color Management Solutions for Industrial Printing. In cooperation with Metis Systems srl, the global leader for high quality scanners, ColorGATE also presents a 3D capturing and digital reproduction solution. Get to know ColorGATE`s application-specific Industrial Productionserver solutions: with intelligent workflow, high automation capability and modular functionality available.

“Industrial Printing has been revolutionized through digital inkjet printing technology. And as printing and production is done almost simultaneously these days, they need intelligent management of highly complex workflows. To additionally ensure accuracy and consistency of color on increasingly complex surfaces from design to product, ColorGATE delivers innovative solutions which fit to the specific needs of almost any application. This enables and secures confidence in the color output quality”, says Thomas Kirschner, CEO and Founder of ColorGATE. 

During the conference several ColorGATE experts will share their knowledge: CEO Thomas Kirschner will give a talk on “Color management software for Industrial Color Printing“, other specialists will discuss the technical challenges and their solutions in the IMI Europe Inkjet Tech Talk.

Color consistency along the entire process chain
ColorGATE`s Industrial Productionserver solutions enable an individual and flexible design of the products both in mass production and in small quantities – directly in the production process in real-time. ColorGATE provides solutions to machine manufacturers and OEMs for the following applications:

  • Décor (décor paper roll-to-roll or direct-to-board)
  • Textile, ceramic, floor tiles, wallpaper, glass printing
  • Packaging (direct-to-object decoration (bottles, cans, other containers))


RIP and Color Management Solutions for automation, standardization and intelligent workflows

ColorGATE presents its Adobe PDF Print Engine based Industrial Productionserver range for Ceramic, Décor, Packaging-, and Textile applications. Experience some specialized solution highlights at our booth, which were tailor-made for the exact needs of the different industry segments:

Out of Gamut Module – “Weather forecast in color space”
The Out of Gamut Module (OOGM) provides an easy understandable color reproduction forecast per print job, providing meaningful information even to non-specialist operators if color deviations are expected in the print output. An intuitive visualization as a "heatmap" visualization indicates colors and areas that cannot be printed color accurately. It is particularly suitable for the use in the production of decorative surfaces and textiles, as well as for digital packaging printing. 

Fingerprint Module (FPRM) - Patented technology for a “digital color twin” of a physical digital print product
This revolutionary concept is for efficient and high-quality reproduction and reprints. It generates a fingerprint production file, which includes a colorimetric specification of the initial print. This digital master provides a reliable reference so that future reprints can be reproduced exactly and color consistently. The procedure allows to standardize and ensure optimal reproduction results of digitally decorated objects, such as wood and plastic surfaces, laminates, ceramic floor and wall tiles as well as decorative textiles. 

BRAND-NEW: DFE Profiler Module (DFEPM)


With the DFE Profiler Module (DFEPM) - an extension of the well-proven Profiler Module (PFM) - ColorGATE offers a new profiler for ICC-characterization of digital printing systems that have their own DFE (Digital Front End) and an integrated ICC-compatible RIP. The DFEPM generates a special ICC profile which combines all the necessary information for the entire calibration workflow. Not only the ink lay down, but also the combination of the process colors is regulated in detail and an optimum image reproduction is made possible.

Innovative 3D capturing and digital reproduction solution 
ColorGATE presents a complete scan-to-print workflow on the base of the Metis Surf 3D Scanner in a unique ColorGATE Edition. In combination with ColorGATE's RIP and Color Management Software for a variety of decorative digital printing applications such as Décor, Ceramics, Textile or Wallpaper, this will be the first complete workflow solution from scan via design to print production. This brand-new turn-key solution is to acquire, transform and output complete surface description data. This offers an aligned solutions from image and surface acquisition - including embossing, glossiness and color - to output rendition for digital inkjet printing solutions. 

Measure Mount – Apparatus for color measurement of cylindrical container
The Direct-to-Object Segment within Digital Packaging is rapidly developing, and more and more high-productive inkjet systems equipped with ColorGATE Packaging Productionserver solutions are being installed around the globe.
Measure Mount has become the only solution for color measurement of cylindrical shaped and hollow bodies such as cans, bottles, tubes and glasses. Color quality can easily be verified, and systems can be re-calibrated quickly.

Come and visit ColorGATE at InPrint Milan 20-22 November 2018 at booth 730. If you are interested in arranging an appointment with one of our specialists (Thomas Kirschner, Jan Seguda, Andrea Panizzut, Gerrit Andre) at the InPrint, our Customer Service Team is looking forward to receiving your email. 

ColorGATE’s experts talk:

Tuesday, 20th November, 12:05pm - Thomas Kirschner, CEO 
“Color management software for industrial color printing”

Thursday, 22nd November, 12:10pm - Gerrit Andre, Trainer & Product Specialist
Technical presentation as a teaser for the IMI Winter workshop: “Calibrating and profiling industrial print engines.”

About ColorGATE
For over 20 years, ColorGATE has been supporting the printing industry with its color competence on its way from analogue to digital printing and the future of Print 4.0. Customers rely on innovative software solutions, RIP Software and printer driver technology for Commercial and Industrial Printing.

ColorGATE’s solutions are used daily around the globe by thousands of digital imaging users and also delivers solutions deliver tailor-made, modular software solutions for specific application areas of industrial production of decor, ceramic, textile, and packaging. ColorGATE was founded in 1997 by Thomas Kirschner (CEO) and Norbert Steinhauer (former CTO) and operates worldwide with 40 employees in 7 expert teams. Recently Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced that the company has reached an agreement to buy ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH. Click here for Ricoh's press release.


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