ColorGATE and IPAC announce cooperation in the area of inline color measurement

Inkjet-based digital printing systems with the latest print head technology are becoming more powerful. With printing resolutions of over 1000 dpi and printing speeds of over 100 m per minute, these systems are now also used in volume-oriented application areas such as surface decoration and packaging printing.

ColorGATE and IPAC: A strong cooperation
The goal of the cooperation between ColorGATE and IPAC is the development of inline color measurement solutions with "Closed-Loop Color Correction", in order to assure continuous color accuracy and color-consistent print results on modern single-pass digital printing systems. Manufacturers and users of industrial digital printing systems are addressed as potential project partners who realize or operate systems for color-critical production and who value the great importance to color consistency.

Specialized in digital printing software and color management, ColorGATE ensures the color-correct print data preparation for industrial digital printing applications such as the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles, surface decoration of wood-based materials and floor coverings, as well as in the production of digitally printed cartons, containers and other packaging.

The IPAC ACMS ™ (Advanced Color Measurement System) offline color measurement system measures decorative surfaces and compares a reference pattern with a current production. The quality assessment is carried out using a patented similarity index. The measuring information is used both for the color matching in the printing as well as for the evaluation of the final color impression in quality management along the entire value chain of the wood-based material industry. The aim to replace the visual evaluation has been achieved. Quality defined by ACMS ™ results in lower process fluctuations, savings in sample time and paper waste and increases process reliability in both the printer and the woodworking industry, while significantly reducing costs.
With the development of the inline color measuring system iCMS, IPAC aims to translate the experiences from the offline measurement with ACMS ™ into the inline world. Goals for the iCMS are a drift measurement and thus the control of the fluctuations in the printing process, the certification of the print quality as well as the provision of color information for the "Closed-Loop Color Correction" used in single-pass digital printing

„Offline-Workflow“ presentation at InPrint
At InPrint 2017 in Munich the companies demonstrate an "offline workflow". Color prints are measured by the IPAC ACMS ™ system and the measurement data are further processed by ColorGATE software for color characterization, color correction and recalibration.

Visit ColorGATE at InPrint Munich from November 14th to 16th 2017 at booth A6-344, Messe Munich, to get more information about inline color measurement and Closed-Loop Color Management.

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About ColorGATE
ColorGATE has been successfully developing software solutions, RIP software and printer driver technology for Commercial Printing and Industrial Printing since 1997.

ColorGATE’s core product, Productionserver, a modular RIP, workflow and color management software is used daily around the globe by thousands of digital imaging users.
ColorGATE has been successfully active on the up-and-coming market of Industrial Printing since the beginning in 2000. With the Industrial Productionserver solutions for specific application areas of industrial production of decor, ceramic, textile and packaging,
ColorGATE supplies modular software solutions since 2016.

In addition ColorGATE distributes color measuring devices and accessories for professional color management purposes to create color profiles for digital imaging, prepress and digital printing. Since 2010 ColorGATE provides SmartControl, an approved Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS) for operation in industrial grade digital printing systems.
Ceramic Productionserver is a complete workflow and color management solution dedicated to digital ceramic printing and typical ceramic production environments. In conjunction with the new Rapid Spectro Cube HD SP it serves as a turn-key solution that takes care of all color related aspects within the digital ceramics tile decoration process.

As experts for applied color management and developers of intelligent device drivers for digital printing systems of all kinds, ColorGATE´s team continuously provides it’s know-how to users and partners to offer high performing, and reliable solutions to the diversity of different requirements and areas of application.

About IPAC
IPAC GmbH located in Villach in Austria and since September 2016 member of the Fagus-GreCon Group is technology leader for color measurement of decorative surfaces.

The hyperspectral color measuring system ACMS ™ allows multi-colored decorative
surfaces to be evaluated in the quality of the trained human eye and compare it with standards. ACMS ™ provides the technical requirements for the introduction of digital quality management (DQM) and thus to replace the subjective color assessment with an objective measurement. The ACMS ™ certificate has been successfully used by leading companies in the décor printing and the wood-based materials industry and has become an industry standard. Further application possibilities for ACMS ™ are constantly being tested.