Color instruments

ColorGATE supports new color measurement devices

As every material has its own specific surface characteristics, the newly-supported color measurement devices for the ColorGATE RIP software solutions provide sophisticated systems to measure in the most demanding digital print applications.

ColorGATE distributes color measuring devices and accessories for color management to create color profiles for digital imaging, prepress and digital printing. They perfectly complement the leading Productionserver software solutions for:

  • Digital Packaging
  • Decorative Surface Production
  • Digital Textile Printing
  • Digital Container Decoration
  • Digital Metal Decoration

Once the required color profiles have been created, they remain stored in the software and ensure the best possible color transformation of the print jobs - from the source format to the printing system´s color space. Color variations can be detected with the suitable measuring technology and corrected by recalibration - even before they become visible to the human eye.

A specialized measurement device for example, is the sphere spectrophotometer. Sphere spectrophotometers can provide reflectance measurements in two ways: specular included (SPIN) and specular excluded (SPEX). The specular port can be opened and closed during the measurement to include or exclude specular reflection like gloss. It can be used to measure:

  • transparent and translucent samples
  • fluorescent samples 
  • color and appearance separately


ColorGATE Productionserver supports the following new spectrophotometers:

X-Rite Ci6X Series 
When color reproduction errors occur, the result is costly waste and rework: whether there is confusion between customer specifications and production output or batch-to-batch color variations. The sphere spectrophotometers of the X-Rite Ci6X family reduce rejection rates and scrap and improve time to market and profitability. The Ci62 portable sphere spectrophotometer is a high-performance instrument uniquely suited for ensuring accurate color measurement on reflective surfaces, including applications with textured materials or printing on metal substrates. The Ci64, X-Rite’s most precise handheld sphere spectrophotometer, is available in three models: with simultaneous SPIN/SPEX, correlated gloss, and an UV option. Its specifications are: 

  • handheld sphere spectrophotometer
  • with ball head for structured and reflective surfaces such as textiles or metal packaging
  • accurate measurement of reflective or uneven surfaces on a wide variety of products and packaging types 

Color Sentinel Systems CSS110 
The family of in line Color Sentinel modeling spectrophotometers uses a revolutionary patented technology. There is no need for field calibration of the device. This enables installation in line with the paper path after the fuser output and before the finishing stations – thus it makes measurements at full production speeds possible. Specifications:

  • handheld spectrophotometer
  • advantages: low price, self-calibrating
  • enables measurements at full production speed–on-the-fly

Konica Minolta FD-5 and FD-7 
The fluorescent spectrodensitometers FD-5 and FD-7 are equipped with the newest technology of Konica Minolta: the VFS (Virtual Fluorescence Standard). This technology enables color evaluation considering fluorescence of paper using any illuminant, including the D50 (ISO 13655:2009 M1). The new VFS technology takes advantage of the optical, sensor and software technology cultivated through our long experience with color-measuring instruments to enable virtual measurements using a variety of illuminants while including the effect of fluorescence in the measurement. Technical details are:

  • handheld spectrophotometer
  • large spectral range, polarization filter
  • for high quality profiling purposes on non-structured media

Konica Minolta FD-9 
The key to success for a modern professional print business is automation and accuracy. The Konica Minolta FD-9 autoscan spectrophotometer is the ideal tool for print color management, combining speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and versatility. Highlights are:

  • autoscan spectrophotometer
  • non-handheld device for quickly inserting targets
  • measurement of 1500 patches in just 4 minutes
  • automatic batch-processing

Techkon SpectroDens  
As a spectrodensitometer, SpectroDens combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectrophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer. As the measurement is done spectral, the entire color information – the spectral fingerprint of the color – is precisely registered. The data is converted into measurement data for descriptive analysis and display: Densitometric data is widely used for quality control during the printing process. Colorimetric data is used for evaluation of print proofs, the creation of color profiles in color management as well as for color matching and formulation of inks. The specifications are:

  • spectrodensitometer combining the qualities of a highly accurate spectrophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer
  • measuring instrument that can be universally used for quality control in the printing industry and in other areas  
  • scan measurements of up to 200 measuring patches on print control strips and media wedges possible


With a portfolio of several hundred drivers for a wide variety of printing systems, color instruments and digital printing applications, ColorGATE is one of the world's most important developers. Further details and information on drivers can be found on the ColorGATE website. 

About ColorGATE

For over 20 years, ColorGATE has been supporting the printing industry with its color competence on its way from analogue to digital printing and the future of Print 4.0. Customers rely on innovative software solutions, RIP Software and printer driver technology for Commercial and Industrial Printing.

ColorGATE’s solutions are used daily around the globe by thousands of digital imaging users and also deliver tailor-made, modular software solutions for specific application areas of industrial production of decor, ceramic, textile, and packaging. ColorGATE was founded in 1997 by Thomas Kirschner (CEO) and Norbert Steinhauer (CTO) and operates worldwide with 40 employees in 7 expert teams. Recently Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced that the company has reached an agreement to buy ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH. Click here for Ricoh´s press release.

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