Industrial Printing

Custom Solutions – customized know-how transfer to reduce development time

The challenge in the development of industrial inkjet printing systems lies in the customized choice of the different components, such as print heads, controllers and software as well as their application-oriented integration with respect to the specific requirements for printing quality, productivity, along with the ability to integrate them into existing production processes.

Even though digital printing technology was already in use some 10 years ago, this market has just begun to take off recently because the quality required by industry is now available in combination with acceptable productivity.

Interested parties with innovative ideas for the industrial use of digital printing often see themselves confronted with many new questions, e.g.:

  • Which components have to be connected how with one another to guarantee the optimum performance of the printing system?
  • How can a project like this be actually implemented and what external support is useful?
  • How can the printing quality be optimized and kept constant?

With its Custom Solutions, ColorGATE offers an individually created, multistage range of solutions, beginning with seminars and right on up to “color-centric” project assistance.

Custom Solutions Services

Interested parties can book a beginner’s seminar for the specific transfer of know-how at ColorGATE, during which ColorGATE experts explain the most important components and project steps for the development of an industrial printing system. The seminar contents can be individually adapted as needed.

Possible topics and contents

  • Components of an industrial printing system: print heads, controllers, software, drying, transport
  • Introduction to Color Management and the Prepress workflow
  • Interdependence of the individual components and the materials to be printed, objects (substrates) and inks

Multistage Project Assistance

During the course of multistage project assistance, ColorGATE also offers, in addition to its know-how, its industry-wide contacts to component manufacturers and mechanical engineers to take an industrial printing system to market readiness quickly, easily and with competence.


Depending on the target market for the printing system in the planning, important decision are made during the specifications phase with respect to the components required, such as print heads, the corresponding controllers and the inks used. Determining factors, such as the productivity desired and the printing quality that can be achieved, are decided on at this point.

During this phase, ColorGATE offers:

  • Know-how transfer for: medium treatment, the right coordination of print heads, controllers and inks, etc.
  • On the basis of the production processes to be planned, ColorGATE experts point out possible problems and offer the appropriate solutions

Conceptual phase

After the specifications have been determined, the project is launched into the conceptual phase. In addition to requesting offers for the individual components, training plans and time schedules for test procedures are also drawn up.

ColorGATE’s offer for the conceptual phase:

  • Requesting offers for the printing system components required: print heads, controllers, software, inks, drying systems
  • Tried-and-tested components from industrial partners can be recommended on the basis of extensive experience in the development and delivery of digital printing systems
  • Preparation of a proof of concept
  • Preparation of an overall calculation or partial calculation for specific component parts or software components
  • Preparation of time schedules for tests, e.g. with respect to the productivity of the printing system in connection with the printing quality desired
  • Training courses for the system operators


During this phase, we offer customized project assistance in type and scope. Many projects get lost in the dynamics of implementation and integration. The implementation partners involved all speak their own language and interpret the task in a different way. Our professional implementation assistance is targeted and specific to minimize the project risk.


Once the printing system has been completed, there are still test procedures required, some of which are relevant to the approval process, before the system startup. We set up and conduct these tests for you from beginning to end or assist you in doing so.

System startup and after-sales services

We support you during this important phase with the following offers:

  • Introduction and setup support
  • User training courses
  • Operating recommendations
  • Development of process recommendations and requirements
  • Development of emergency concepts and operating manuals
  • Remote-support concepts

and also in the final definition of workflows.