Productionserver Family

Your Benefits

  • Professional color management - easy to handle
  • Precise color reproduction according to recognized standards such as ISO, Fogra, G7
  • Synchronize different output systems
  • Modular design: Pay only for what you really need!

ColorGATE Productionserver is a software package that allows you to precisely control color in digital printing and to professionally manage printing data. Useful additional features make your everyday production work easier.

And the Productionserver is modular: You can configure the software according to your requirements. Do you want to profile? Do you need rights management? We have a suitable module for you! With our package offers you save money!

Get the Right Configuration for Your Requirements!

Productionserver Light: our basic configuration at a reasonable price, which allows you to output PDFs, JPEGs, TIFFs and other file formats in the correct colors. The Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) as well as support for Pantone colors are already on board. Category 1 printer support is also included, so you can get started right away.

Productionserver Flex-Line: our most flexible configurations from Select to Pro and Ultimate to Campaign printing. All of them feature the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), which allows you to process PDF files correctly, Pantone support, as well as collectable form and tiling functions - and all this at affordable all-inclusive prices! You can flexibly add printer support from all categories.

You have an output device from Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh or Roland? Then a Manufacturer Edition might be the right thing for you! These have been optimized for color correct control of special devices and have numerous practical additional functions such as our Print and Cut Module, Photo Fine Art Module, Cost Calculation Module and more.

We also have the right solution for special applications: our Special Edition is designed for Computer-to-Screen Workflows (CTS).



The cost-effective way to print correct colors


Media Device Synchronization brings your printer back to a defined color initial state.

With Pantone support

1 Hotfolder

Including printer support category 1



Flexibly configurable for various applications and printing systems

Option 1: PS22 Selectselected functions for an affordable start: color management, collecting form, tiling, PhotoFineArt printing and much more!

Option 2: PS22 Prokeep an eye on your margin: all features of PS22 Select, plus print cost calculation and quality assurance.

Option 3: PS22 Ultimateyour entry into self-profiling: all features from PS22 Pro, plus wizard-guided profiling, job backup and print-and-cut support.

Option 4: PS22 Campaign Printingprint color-consistent on various systems and technologies! All features of PS22 Ultimate, plus support for spectral spot color definitions, multicolor profiling and reference profiling!

Special Edition

The right solution for special applications

PS22 CTS Edition - Everything you need for creating high-quality print data for computer-to-screen systems (CTS)

This edition contains all modules you need for creating print data for Computer-to-Screen systems and for producing high-quality stencils. With our unique raster creation technology, your screen printing results will be improved enormously. The Quality Assurance Module, Cost Calculation Module, Photo FineArt Module and 20 Hotfolders are included.

Manufacturer Editions

Your choice for Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh or Roland devices

Our Manufacturer Editions are specially optimized for the respective devices from Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki and Mutoh. The device driver is included directly.

Media Device Synchronization and Quality Assurance allow you to constantly control the color output of your printers. They establish a standard that is constantly monitored by the Quality Assurance Module. If something is wrong, simply reset your printer to the profile set with Media Device Synchronization.

With Cost Calculation you always have your costs in control - simply enter ink and ancillary costs and calculate the effort for your print job.

„Commercial printing has changed significantly due to digitization and requires more and more individual and time-critical solutions for all kinds of printed matter. With years of ColorGATE expertise in conventional printing, especially for prepress, companies are able to take the step to digitization by means of a perfectly coordinated workflow management from the file to the printed product.“

Robert Farfort, Data Image Group

Matching Modules

Profiler Suite
All profiling features in one module!
  • Fast creation of ICC-profiles
  • Reduced targets for faster measuring
  • Definition and proofing of in-house standards
Media Device Synchronization
Get similar results on different printers!
  • Color matching on different devices
  • Easily set a reference state and reset your printer to that state
  • Based on ICC profiles for consistent results
Out of Gamut Module
Prevent Color Deviations Before You Start Printing
  • Create a visualization (‚heatmap‘) of expected color deviations
  • Define your own DeltaE limited values
  • Easy understandable prediction for every print job
  • Save time and waste!
Proof Standard Digital Module
Get accurate paper proofs of your design
  • Simulate a production printer
  • Print your designs directly on paper
  • No need to interrupt the production processes for design tests
  • Less iterations, less waste
Color Replacement Module
Easily change colors directly in Productionserver
  • Indentify colors automatically
  • Replace your colors directly in Productionserver
  • Supports L*a*b*, CMYK and spot colors
  • Save your colors with Pantone® tables or in own tables
Photo FineArt Module
Comfortable image editing
  • Comfortable interaction with image editing software
  • Adjust your print jobs to any ambient light condition
  • Create grayscale versions of your print jobs
Cost Calculation Module
Easily calculate your production costs
  • Define your own prices for ink
  • Include additional costs for more precise calculation
  • Generate cost reports with HTML / CSV
  • Create reports for a specific printer or time period

Matching Hardware

Measurements of various substrates
  • Profiling and measurement of different substrates
  • Discover our range of diverse devices

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