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Packaging Productionserver

ColorGATE offers with Packaging Productionserver a performance optimized RIP and Color Management Software for direct decoration of containers, flexible packaging and cardboard packaging in an industrial scale. This comprehensive and automatable solution ensures cost-efficient digital print production with optimal color reproduction and easy-to-use functions for all requirements in high-quality packaging printing. Packaging Productionserver is of modular design and can be extended per demand or scaled in terms of processing speed.

  • Benefits
  • Some of the main challenges in digital packaging printing are:

    • Efficient production of small to medium print runs
    • Color accurate printing on non-standardized materials for best possible image quality, precise spot color reproduction as well as the control of special inks such as primer, white, metallic and varnish
    • Accurate and fast processing of extensive documents with variable data (e.g. PDF-VT)
    • Control of variable and non-standardized process components, such as substrates with varying white- point values as well as with non-standardized inks and their respective behavior in the printing system.
    • Color quality control and re-calibration functions for color consistent print production

    Packaging Productionserver is a complete workflow, RIP and Color Management solution dedicated to digital packaging printing with the following performance characteristics:

    • Optimal processing speed, which can be scaled in consideration of the requirements for an economical production of small to medium print runs, by omitting set-up times and minimizing rejects
    • Precise data preparation for excellent image quality, accurate spot colors and high color consistency
    • Contains application-oriented functions and procedures for all requirements in digital packaging printing
    • Automatable and adaptable to existing production workflows
    • Companionship and technical assistance through competent support

    Together with Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) our extremely fast color measurement system Packaging Productionserver is able to surveil and control the entire working process from design creation, via profiling right up to the final print.

  • Technical highlights
    • Speed optimized output of multipage pdf and PDF/VT
    • Extensive print jobs can now be ripped, color managed and screened into the output resolution at the same time without causing any delays for the outputting system
    • Exact processing of spot color incl. delta E prediction for optimal reproduction of brand colors, logos and spot colors
    • Accurate PDF interpretation powered by the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine
    • Deviations in the substrate coloring or  viewing illuminants can be compensated
    • JDF Interface Module (JDFM) for direct data exchange with workflow systems and for the integration with productions planning or MIS systems
    • Proofing to industry standards and press simulation
    • Optional: Fully automated creation of control information for contour label cutting




  • Applications
  • Direct-to-object-decoration

    • Bottles, glasses
    • Cans, tins, tubes
    • Container

    Flexible packaging

    • Labels
    • Shrink wraps
    • Bags & pouches
    • Blister packs

    Cardboard packaging

    • Carton
    • Corrugated

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    Industrial Productionserver

    Industrial Productionserver

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