ColorGATE releases Productionserver 22 and announces presence at Fespa Berlin

Hanover, Germany, May 4 // Industrial digital printing holds enormous growth potential. ColorGATE’s customers are equipped to maximize this potential in the best possible way. To this end, the company is presenting the latest version of its Productionserver product family and inviting its users, partners and interested parties to its presence at Fespa Berlin.

  • Productionserver is a market-leading color management, RIP and data generation solution for industrial digital printing. It is based on 25 years of experience, now supports more than 1,800 printing systems and has been installed more than 19,000 times.
  • The new version 22 enables automated production in the application areas of textiles, surface decoration, ceramics, packaging and large format printing through an extensive REST API interface.
  • Productionserver 22 contains a new 2.5D technology that can be used to print realistic textures such as wood textures, embroidery effects, art reproductions and Braille on suitable printing systems.
  • ColorGATE is now offering a subscription model for all Productionserver versions in addition to the one-time purchase model, with which the user receives a complete solution including technical support and maintenance at favorable, constant monthly amounts.
  • Productionserver 22 supports many current printing systems, including the HP Latex 700 and 800 series, the OKI Pro 9000 series, the OKI Pro 1040/1050 for on-demand label production, the swissQprint Karibu, the Kornit Atlas Max and the aeoon Maikuro. The release also includes support for DTF ("digital transfer film" or "direct-to-film") printing for popular direct-to-garment printers from Ricoh, Brother and Epson. In the DTF process, textile transfers are printed on film to be transferred to the textile in a later step. ColorGATE offers a wide selection of DTF consumables in its web shop.
  • ColorGATE will be exhibiting at Fespa Berlin and will be providing a contact point for ColorGATE customers and partners at booth 1.2 A49 to discuss trends and future projects.


Productionserver 22

ColorGATE Productionserver is a color management and RIP solution for industrial digital printing and the graphic arts industry. It is available in special versions for packaging, ceramic, decorative and textile printing, where it often forms the backbone of complex printing and production processes.

The core function of Productionserver is to generate print data from design data. This print data is individually adapted to the attached digital printing system and takes into account its required data format, ink setup, print mode, substrate and other parameters that have an influence on print quality and color reproduction. In this way, optimum print results are produced at different production times, on different systems, and at different locations that match a defined reference - a key requirement in industrial print production. Functional requirements such as minimizing ink application can also be taken into account. ColorGATE has pioneered the extensive automation of such processes and, in cooperation with its partners among printing system and measuring device manufacturers, is able to deliver highly efficient workflows that save time and money for print service providers, digital printers, and producers of surfaces, textiles, ceramics, and packaging.

Highlights of Productionserver 22

Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.7: ColorGATE uses the Adobe PDF Print Engine to render PDF files and regularly equips Productionserver with the latest version. This ensures compatibility with the latest design applications from Adobe, especially for transparencies, overprint effects, spot colors and trapping.

Advanced REST API: The REST API is an interface for automated and web-based workflows, for example for eCommerce applications or networked production with MIS systems. Print jobs and settings can be automatically transferred to Productionserver via this interface. It is also possible to query existing printing systems and their status. ColorGATE is striving to make all relevant Productionserver functions accessible via the REST API and, among other things, has added the Color Correction Loop Module in Version 22 so that décor producers can implement the production of high-quality prints in the tightest tolerances in a fully automated manner. Comprehensive documentation of the Productionserver REST API is available for interested parties.

2.5D printing: Here, in addition to the color information of the design, height information and optionally gloss information is transferred to Productionserver. This information is prepared for the printing system layer by layer so that a tangible structure is created by repeated application of colorless or white ink. The resulting effects can be used for advertising, attractive products in décor and textile production and, for example, for the reproduction of tactile Braille. ColorGATE is currently in talks with manufacturers of printing systems to make this technology usable for specific devices.

Other new features include a completely redesigned MIM management, an enhanced preview of individual color channels, save options for user-defined targets, linearization and profiling improvements, and much more. In addition, version 22 includes support for many new digital printing systems; a constantly updated list can be found at The ColorGATE products Proofgate and Filmgate have also been updated to version 22.

All users whose Value Pack is valid on the release date will receive the new version free of charge. Depending on the product version, new customers can obtain Productionserver directly from ColorGATE, via one of ColorGATE's OEM partners or from a global network of authorized sales partners.

Presence at Fespa Berlin

ColorGATE will be present as an exhibitor at the upcoming Fespa Berlin (May 31 to June 3). At booth 1.2 A49, the ColorGATE team would like to invite its existing customers, interested parties and partners to exchanging ideas about trends and possible projects in digital printing. Visitors will be able to take a look at Productionserver, the Rapid Spectro Cube and ColorGATE's Custom Create web-to-production solution. ColorGATE customers will also have the opportunity to discuss support cases and make license changes.

Thomas Kirschner, founder and CEO of ColorGATE, is looking forward to the event: "We are looking forward to Fespa Berlin. Personal exchange is and remains indispensable, and that’s why trade shows and face-to-face events are essential drivers of innovation and growth in our industry."

About ColorGATE

For almost 25 years, ColorGATE's software, color and service competence has been driving the digitization of the printing industry. The company offers a wide range of software solutions, services and tools for color management and print data generation in industrial digital printing as well as the graphic arts and large format printing industries. ColorGATE offers digital know-how and solutions for manufacturers of printing systems as well as for print service providers and technology users in decorative, ceramic, textile and packaging printing.

ColorGATE delivers an innovative, customized and modular portfolio of software and hardware solutions for industrial printing and decorating applications along the entire process chain. ColorGATE pays special attention to precise and consistent color reproduction combined with highest performance.

ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH has been managed by co-founder Thomas Kirschner as CEO since 1997 and has been an independent subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd. since 2018.