Accurate color measurement


  • Fast and accurate measurement
  • Diverse areas of application
  • Able to measure different substrates
  • Easy transport and set up
  • No more subjective measurement results
  • Compatible with ColorGATE’s software products

Be it for profiling or to make sure that your printing results are color accurate: you need a color measurement device to ensure your output quality.

A spectrophotometer enables you to measure color fast and indepentend of subjective influences. You can easily set up your device and connect it with ColorGATE’s Productionserver to directly process your measurement results.

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X-Rite i1Pro 3 and i1Pro 3 Plus

X-Rite’s i1Pro3 is your choice for standard measuring tasks. The i1Pro 3 enables increased reliability with its full spectrum LED illumination. Thanks to Single Scan, you can also save time: M1 & M2 scan time decreased by 50%. The accuracy of the scans is also improved, even with small patches (from 6x6 mm).

With X-Rite’s i1Pro 3 Plus you can create color profiles of different surfaces. Thanks to the large measuring aperture (8 mm), you can even measure color-accurate results from uneven substrates such as textiles or ceramics. Thus, the new i1Pro3 Plus has also become interesting for industrial inkjet printing applications. With the new, longer ruler, large format measurements can also be carried out more easily - without having to constantly move the target!

The latest generation of the X-Rite measuring instrument is faster (sampling rate: 400 Hz) and offers a new scanning function: The M3 polarization filter reduces reflective lights and shadows on textiles and ceramics. You also get better shades of black and overall richer colors on rough surfaces and glossy media such as canvas prints. The new LED bulb also improves the device's reliability.

With the i1Pro3 Plus you can measure the four possible measuring conditions (M0: ISO 13655; M1: D50; M2: UV filter, M3: polarization filter) simultaneously. This also enables you to quickly and reliably predict what colors will look like on optically brightened substrates under different lighting conditions. Achieve your desired print results at any time!

i1iO 3 - the new scan table for the i1Pro 3 and the i1Pro 3 Plus

With the third generation of i1iO you can use the  i1Pro3 and the i1Pro3 Plus even more efficiently!

The scanning table is used to measure test charts of a wide variety of printing and packaging substrates up to 10 mm thick. What if you want to scan tiles? With an optional spacer you can also measure up to 23 mm thickness! A wide variety of printing inks and substrates are supported.

Color patches are automatically scanned with the i1iO. Not only does this save time, it also reduces the risk of measurement errors. Standardisation of lighting conditions guarantees compliance with ISO standards and measurement conditions of the "M" series.

Enjoy highest color precision combined with the simplest handling!

MYIRO-1 – Wireless measuring of charts and single spots

The MYIRO-1 is the newest invention from Konica Minolta. The entry level spectrophotometer comes with various features: you can measure M1, M0 and M2 in one scan. It detects the measuring direction, so you will always know which part was just scanned. 

For comfortable measuring of any pattern the device comes with W-Lan: Measure e.g. LFP products directly at the printer. This way you save time and you do not need to cut charts from your printing products – less waste of material! Also, you have the opportunity to save measuring results directy in the cloud without a local installation of the software. Flexible use, whereever you are!

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