Corporate profile

For more than 20 years, ColorGATE's color competence has been supporting the graphic arts industry with its printing equipment manufacturers as well as producers, operators and technology users for Sign & Display, decor, ceramic, textile and packaging. The market for large format printing with its applications in LFP and Wide Format also benefits from ColorGATE's solution competence on the way from analogue to digital printing and into the future of Print 4.0. 

ColorGATE has been successful on the up-and-coming market of Industrial Printing and the revolution of inkjet technology since the beginning in 2000. 

Workflow & Color Management Solutions

In addition, ColorGATE distributes color measuring devices and accessories for professional color management purposes to create color profiles for digital imaging, prepress, and digital printing. Since 2010 ColorGATE provides SmartControl, a proven Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS) for operation in industrial grade digital printing systems.

We meet our customers as partners on equal footing and our corporate culture is driven by an innovative spirit and the trust and satisfaction of our customers. ColorGATE’s worldwide network of trained Sales Partners is ensuring optimal support for our end users. In Commercial Printing, ColorGATE works closely with the leading imaging companies and more than 50 other manufacturers.

As experts for applied color management and developers of intelligent device drivers for digital printing systems of all kinds, ColorGATE´s team continuosly provides it’s know-how to users and partners to offer high performing, and reliable solutions to the diversity of different requirements and areas of application. 

"Only foresight enables you to take advantage of opportunities - and only detailed knowledge brings finesse. The digital transformation of the printing industry is in full swing. Driven by the development of Industry 4.0, it is changing and linking machines, people and markets. This rapid development requires intelligent solutions and a new way of thinking for the decisive edge, which ensures competitive advantages and new business opportunities – that’s Print 4.0", Thomas Kirschner, CEO and Founder of ColorGATE.

The following key terms characterize our corporate culture, the type of work we do and our relationships with customers, business partners, colleagues and co-workers:

  • Simplicity
  • Simplicity means:

    Our solutions are easy to install, easy to use and easy to update.
    It is our goal to find simple solutions for all tasks and in all situations.
    It is easy to communicate and to do business with us.
    Our staff knows what they are talking about.
    We are flexible and take the appropriate action as the situation requires.
    We choose short decision-making processes and flat hierarchies.

  • Productivity
  • Productivity means:

    It is our goal to find the easiest solutions possible that yield the greatest benefits possible for our customers.
    We understand our customers’ business and are able to put ourselves into our customers’ shoes.
    We “look beyond the end of our own noses” and strive towards solutions that build one upon the other and complement one another.
    We don’t run away from problems, we tackle challenges head-on, are decisive and seek solutions.
    Our staff represent the ColorGATE brand and contribute towards attaining our corporate goals with their communication with our customers and amongst one another.
    We establish long-term relationships and communications structures.

  • Color competence
  • Color competence means:

    We create solutions for the exact, consistent transmission of color information to increase our customers’ production reliability.
    We enable optimal color reproduction to meet a wide variety of different application needs.
    We enable optimal production implementation and capacity utilization, with solutions to balance out differences between systems of the same model, for example.
    We are competent with respect to all the components, technologies and materials involved in and relevant to the process.
    We are closely networked and maintain an intensive exchange with the development departments of leading system manufacturers.

  • Cost efficiency
  • Cost efficiency means:

    It is our goal to always find and implement the optimal workflow.
    The careful analysis of all the steps in the process and the processes in all areas enables us to eliminate bottlenecks and increase uptimes.
    We work quickly and are very focused and develop mature solutions for long-term use.

  • Added value
  • Added value means:

    We are always looking for ways to improve.
    We share our experience and our knowledge and learn from our customers. This enables us to take advantage of opportunities on the market sooner than others and to react with innovative solutions.
    We develop new application options for our products and solutions and adapt them to new areas of application.
    We pay attention to the material and immaterial resources we use and develop solutions that are designed to use fewer natural resources and to be ecologically friendly.


    How do we want to get organized and treat each other so that we can all work productively and with great motivation? – We have compiled this set of guidelines to serve as orientation:

    Successful together – the whole is more than the sum of its parts

    • We accept each other and act respectfully and honestly with one another.
    • We communicate openly and actively.
    • We complement one another in our areas of competence, our abilities and our experience and that’s what makes us even stronger.
    • Our work is professional, focused on results and resource-friendly.
    • We can depend on one another.

    Awards · Certifications

    We take part in the partner programs of leading manufacturers; in regular quality testing, ColorGATE solutions prove impressive again and again by getting best marks.