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Ceramic Productionserver

ColorGATE´s CPS functions as a central print data management system and accomplishes by that the highest process efficiency from design to the final ceramic product. The digital end-to-end workflow offers a secure import and conversion (n-Color) of designs and color data as well as the creation of separations with 3-8 channels.

Combined package: Ceramic Productionserver & Rapid Spectro Cube HD (RSC HD SP)

First total solution for digital ceramics tile production with heavy duty housing and including Scan and Profiling option of RSC and patented  Fingerprint Module (FPRM) – Complete workflow and color management solution dedicated to digital ceramic printing and typical ceramic production environments.

  • Applications
  • Ceramic

    • Floor tiles
    • Wall tiles
    • Tile decoratin
    • Dishes, tableware
  • Features of Performance
  • Some of the many challenges in digital ceramic printing are:

    • Often changing and non-standardized process elements (ceramic raw materials, engobes, glazes, inks printing systems etc.)
    • Comprehensive production workflows from storage right up to calibration of the firing temperature

    Ceramic Productionserver is a complete workflow and Color Management solution especially for digital ceramic printing with the following performance characteristics:

    • Maximum color consistency from design to final product with decreased waste production
    • Contains application-oriented functions for all requirements in digital ceramic printing
    • Seamless digital workflow by color correct preview of multicolor and multichannel data
    • Transfer of know-how to end users from design and production
    • Companionship and technical assistance through expert support
    • Together with Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) and Colorrizer, the whole production process from design, via profiling to final print can be monitored and controlled
  • Technical highlights
    • Support of nearly all ceramic printing systems available on the market
    • Processing of all common file formats as well as multichannel data (Adobe Photoshop PSD and PSD files)
    • Special designed linearization and profiling tools for ceramic printing
    • Reduction of ink through Ink Saver technology for costs optimization
    • Analysis tools for design reproduction
    • Color Management with automatic conversion of design data to different production lines



  • RSC HD SP & Ceramic Productionserver
  • First total solution for digital ceramics tile production

    Together with Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) our extremely fast color measurement system and Colorrizer, the colorization and print design software in the color space of the industrial production system, Ceramic Productionserver is able to surveil and control the entire working process from design creation, via profiling right up to the final print.

    RSC HD SP features a high-resolution CCD and is connected to the firms Ceramic Productionserver a completely featured color management software dedicated to color-accurate print data generation for any digital ceramics printer.

    Fingerprint technology extends the standard graphic arts approach and applies a new methodology for synchronous design specification and process  characterization to be used in industrial surface decoration.

    Fingerprint Module (FPRM)

    • Patented Fingerprint technology for color consistent re-runs of digitally decorated tiles
    • For exact color characterization of digital print jobs
    • Archival of print production data for exact reproduction any time



  • Video
  • With the Ceramic Productionserver, the patented Fingerprint technology and the Rapid Spectro Cube, ColorGATE offers the first complete solution for digital ceramics tile production.

    Our product flyer for Ceramic Tile Production covers all mentioned highlights in one PDF [7,8 MB]. 

    SmartControl IP OS

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

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