Recertification of Digital Print Experts

In January 2017, ColorGATE employees Gerrit Andre, André Fontana, Randall Lee Garland, Thorsten Meyer, Heiko Pieper and Swen Zeiter successfully completed the recertification of Digital Print Experts.

What is a DigitalPrint Expert?
A DigitalPrint Expert (DPE) is able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set ISO standards with predictable and repeatable results. A DPE knows about color in the facets of measurement, ICC-color transformations, communication and standardization.
The recertification of Digital Experts testifies that ColorGATE employees have acquired comprehensive knowledge and practical qualifications. With six certified employees, ColorGATE demonstrates its claim in the development and implementation of relevant international standards for the graphic arts industry.

Here is a little sum-up of ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) advantages:

Technical benefits of the PSD

  • The PSD constitutes criteria to make digital prints comparable in order to reduce the complexity of digital printing, no matter what digital printing system or substrate was used
  • Consistent colors through reference color spaces: the PSD offers a set of rules to compare prints on differently colored substrates: the medial relative evaluation
  • Permanent predictable printing results through sustainable quality assurance methods

Commercial benefits of the PSD

  • Standardized production workflows minimizes the risk of unnecessary production stops
  • The reduction of produced wastage

Corporate benefits of the PSD

  • Faster and simpler approval process with the customers
  • The PSD quality seal offers the opportunity to stand out from the competition in a positive way. Like the ProcessStandard Offset (PSO), the PSD will become a well-recognized international standard for the digital printing sector
  • Subsequent claims for compensation with respect to the print quality can now be decided on the basis of the PSD – no more decisions based only on the subjective color perception of the customers, but on the quality inspection according to the PSD

Through intensive consulting, trainings and an introduction to the production process, ColorGATE will prepare customers in an optimum way for the PSD-certification. PSD-certified companies can show their competence in color management, quality control and workflow management. Furthermore a consequent implementation of the PSD reduces wastage and saves precious time through a consistent workflow. Hence the PSD increases competitiveness and improves internal processes.

“With the in industry highly regarded DPE certification, ColorGATE experts once again proved their excellent knowledge in the areas of digital printing and standardization. All ColorGATE digital printing experts are authorized to perform process standard digital printing audits, as well as submit proof (CPC) Validation Print (VPC) certification to their customers. The certification for the Digital Print Expert is an ideal addition to the Fogra certified products from ColorGATE, which have already been certified several times”, Berthold Oberhollezer, Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V., Department Prepress technology.

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About ColorGATE
ColorGATE has been successfully developing software solutions, RIP software and printer driver technology for Commercial Printing and Industrial Printing since 1997.

ColorGATE’s core product, Productionserver, a modular RIP, workflow and color management software is used daily around the globe by thousands of digital imaging users.
ColorGATE has been successfully active on the up-and-coming market of Industrial Printing since the beginning in 2000. With the Industrial Productionserver solutions for specific application areas of industrial production of decor, ceramic, textile and packaging,
ColorGATE supplies modular software solutions since 2016.

In addition ColorGATE distributes color measuring devices and accessories for professional color management purposes to create color profiles for digital imaging, prepress and digital printing. Since 2010 ColorGATE provides SmartControl, an approved Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS) for operation in industrial grade digital printing systems.
Ceramic Productionserver is a complete workflow and color management solution dedicated to digital ceramic printing and typical ceramic production environments. In conjunction with the new Rapid Spectro Cube HD SP it serves as a turn-key solution that takes care of all color related aspects within the digital ceramics tile decoration process.

As experts for applied color management and developers of intelligent device drivers for digital printing systems of all kinds, ColorGATE´s team continuously provides it’s know-how to users and partners to offer high performing, and reliable solutions to the diversity of different requirements and areas of application.

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