ColorGATE achieves certification for HP Latex 300 Printer series

ColorGATE is particularly pleased about the certification for the HP Latex 300 series. The Productionserver has successfully passed the certification for the HP Latex 300 series. HP recommends the use of the Productionserver for all HP Latex 300 series printing systems, such as HP Latex 315/335/365/375 and HP Latex 310/330/360/370. Likewise for the HP Latex 280 Printer.

What does the certification include?   
The RIP Certification Program by HP defines different criteria, which are based on the most demanding performance standards and the special features of HP Latex Printing technologies. ColorGATE proved the criteria Productionserver 10 and therefore obtained the certification for HP Latex Printing Technologies.

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ColorGATE: Portfolio of more than 100 printer drivers
With a portfolio of several hundred printer drivers for the most different printing systems and digital printing applications of leading manufacturers, ColorGATE is one of the world’s major developers in this field.

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Intense cooperation with leading manufactures
In the development and updating of software solutions, ColorGATE has always worked very closely together with leading manufacturers to guarantee the optimal compatibility and outstanding performance of all ColorGATE products with different technology platforms. ColorGATE takes part in the partner programs of leading manufacturers; in regular quality testing, ColorGATE solutions prove impressive again and again by getting best marks.

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Image source: HP