Mejore su experiencia de pruebas con Proofgate, la solución definitiva para una coordinación perfecta entre diseñadores creativos, clientes y producción. Proofgate, que ofrece una gestión del color y una calidad de impresión de primera categoría, simplifica el proceso con perfiles incluidos y conjuntos MIM para los estándares de pruebas e impresoras habituales. Aborda sin esfuerzo las variaciones de color, garantizando que sus pruebas mantengan una calidad impecable, incluso sin necesidad de conocimientos expertos. Bienvenido al mundo de las pruebas perfectas.



Proofgate simplifica el arte de las pruebas, permitiéndole obtener resultados perfectos sin esfuerzo. Con la ayuda de nuestros perfiles precargados y una impresión de precisión, las pruebas perfectas están al alcance de todos.


Despídase de las complejidades de las pruebas. Con Proofgate, la coordinación entre diseñadores, clientes y producción se realiza sin esfuerzo, agilizando todo el flujo de trabajo para una experiencia de pruebas sin complicaciones.


Experimente un mundo de excelencia cromática y armonía creativa en cada una de sus impresiones. Con Proofgate, la coherencia está garantizada, asegurando que sus impresiones reflejen su visión con una precisión excepcional.

Detalles Técnicos

Funciones Básicas

Media-Ink-Metamode (MIM)

  • ColorGATE development to create production-influencing parameters such as medium (M), ink (I) and metamode (M); every MIM combination links profile, linearization and print mode settings into a single logical unit
  • MIM administration: import, export, administration and processing of MIM combinations

ICC color management with CrossXColor Technology

  • Use of rendering intents (options: Photographic; Perceptual; Absolute perceptual; Relative colorimetric; Absolute colorimetric; Saturation; Absolute compression; Blackpoint compensation; Lightener compensation; Minimal white compensation)
  • Use of embedded ICC profiles in JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PSB and PSD files for use as input color space; embedded Output Intents can be used
  • Multicolor ICC Engine: Support of multicolor ICC profiles with up to 15 color channels
  • ColorGATE GamutPlus: Enhanced CMYK input color space, based on ISOcoated_V2 for a more color intensive output

16-Bit Color Rendering

For a higher color accuracy and smooth gradients

Preservation of pure colors

Preservation of black, CMYK or single CMYK channels as pure colors

Various options for color correction

  • Correction of brightness, contrast and gamma
  • Gradation curves
  • Separate or simultaneous channel processing possible

Saturation enhancement

To increase the saturation of output colors

Gamut Viewer

Two- and three-dimensional (2D/3D) visualisation and comparison of color spaces

Special color printing (white/varnish/metallic; printer-dependent)

  • Support of white, varnish and metallic printing (on appropriate printing systems)
  • Output variants: pixel, filling, selective, flood, spot color, including preview, and others
  • Combination of process colors, silver metallic ink and white ink
  • Layering technology
  • Separate gradation curves possible
  • Spread and Choke: overlap/border filling adjustable for special colors
  • Intensity: adjustable intensity/density of the white or special color channel
  • Preview for white print

Preview (full screen, split, thumbnail, softproof)

  • Document view, placement on output media, rotated view, full screen preview, preview with special colors
  • Split: before and after display for visualization of changes
  • Thumbnail: job thumbnails, display of job properties
  • Softproof: simulation of the print output on screen, merging of separated PDF files

Loading of media size (printer-dependent)

  • Available for e.g. HP-DesignJet-Z series, Roland AJ, FP, VP, XC, XJ and various Epson Stylus Pro printers
  • Automatic or manual

Confidence strip

  • Printing of a confidence strip with the color channels used to ensure a consistent printout
  • Different positions and sizes possible

Various scaling options

  • Proportional/non-proportional scaling in height, width, percent
  • Automatic scaling to media size
  • Visual scaling: proportional scaling by means of a distance tool

Copy and layout print

  • Job repetetion, multiple output with only one RIP process, last row filling (better media utilization)
  • Device handled creation of multi-copies, in which the parameters are transferred from the RIP to the device controller (printer-dependent)


Definition of print areas

Rotate and mirror

  • Rotate in 90° steps
  • Jobs can be rotated space-optimized, even automatically

Offset and centering

  • Horizontal/vertical offset adjustment
  • Centering on sheets and rolls

Auto tiling

Automatic segmenting for printing oversized jobs with optional overlap

Cut marks and registration marks

  • Printing of cut and registration marks
  • Style: inner/outer marks, inner/outer frames, japanese marks; different line widths, styles and colors; can be placed on PDF TrimBox via function
  • Dimensions: symmetrical/asymmetrical adjustment of distance and length

FOTOBA and FLEXA cut marks

  • Printing of special cut marks for FOTOBA or FLEXA cutting systems (for the output of containers, the TNM is required)
  • Separate adjustment of distances and lengths

Overlap/Tiling marks

  • Horizontal/vertical distance and width/height adjustable
  • Optional marks or solid lines

Eyelet marks

  • Eyelet style, offset, distance, number, color, diameter and thickness adjustable
  • Optional crosshair printing

Printing of job information

  • Free to formulate
  • Contain e.g. EXIF data, input profils or the print date
  • Freely defineable formatting settings, e.g. position, font type, size and color

Anti Aliasing (printer-dependent)

Enhanced print quality for certain printers with low resolution

Interpolation for raster files

  • Various setting options for interpolating raster files such as TIFF, JPEG, etc.
  • Options: Nearest neighbour, Bilinear, Bicubic, Bicubic sharp

Replacement of missing fonts

Detection of missing fonts and optional replacement with Courier

Media compensation

Compensation of length and width deviations in the output format

Selection of various screens

  • FM - frequency modulated (Speed Screen, Frequency Screen, ColorGATE Crispy, ColorGATE Smooth, Floyd-Steinberg, Error Diffusion, Error Diffusion Smooth)
  • AM - amplitude modulated (Custom Screen, Super Rosette 2)
  • Hybrid - combination of AM and FM screening (Hybrid Screen 2)

JobInfoLog (monitoring of job processing)

Monitoring/logging of job processing, display of job- and event-related information, of print time, print speed and print area, warning e.g. of missing fonts

RIP and print simultaneously/automatically

  • Printing the job while RIP process is running
  • RIP/print automatically executable

Various options for job processing

  • Reproduction of already printed jobs without a new RIP process
  • Processed print jobs are optionally deleted automatically (different options possible)
  • Automatic pause after each print job / manual confirmation of the release for each print job

Flexible management of job queues

  • Importing/Positioning jobs using Drag&Drop
  • Simultaneous moving of multiple jobs within the job, RIP and printer queue
  • Job sorting according to numerous criteria possible, free definition of column type/number, automatic placement of new jobs to the correct position within the queue

Quick assignment of hotfolder settings

  • Transfer of hotfolder settings to individual jobs via mouse click
  • Possible for individual tabs as well as for all settings

Job duplication

  • Duplicating jobs
  • Creating links to other jobs

Sending jobs to other open printers

Transfer of an existing job including appropriate settings to another printer definition

Support of virtual printers

  • For transferring print jobs out of an application
  • Including export of configuration specific PPD's (PostScript Printer Definitions) under PC/Mac/Unix

Backup/Restore of RIP configuration

Backup and restore of the current RIP configuration including program settings, printer definitions, jobs, profiles, etc.

Cutting function support for hybrid devices (only with PCM, printer-dependent)

Support of print and cut workflows for printing systems with an integrated cutting function

Display of color information (Color Picker)

  • CMYK percentage values displayed in full screen preview
  • Measured color can be replaced

Printer Status Monitor (printer-dependent)

  • Display of e.g. ink level, media length, warnings/error messages
  • Available for e.g. HP Z series, Roland AJ, FP, VP, XC, XJ and various Epson Stylus Pro or Canon printers

System languages

  • Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
  • For following languages a basic localization is available: Chinese (traditional), Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese

Formatos de archivo

Support of raster file formats


Support of PDF, PS, EPS

  • Adobe PDF 1.7, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/X-5 and PDF/VT
  • Postscript 3, EPS, DCS 2.0
  • Single-page/multi-page and separated possible

Requisitos del sistema

Sistemas operativos (64-Bit):

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise)
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022
  • (Para un rendimiento óptimo recomendamos Microsoft Windows 10 u 11)
  • Los dispositivos Apple Mac con procesadores basados en ARM (chips M1) no son compatibles. En Macs basados en Intel, Productionserver puede usarse en combinación con un dongle de hardware (Single Host License / Hardware) y Parallels Desktop.
  • Requisitos mínimos de hardware:

  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 / AMD Athlon II X2 340
  • RAM: ≥4 GB
  • Espacio libre en disco: 120 GB
  • Resolución de pantalla: 1280 x 1024
  • Recomendado para utilizar una impresora:

  • CPU: Intel i5-7500 o superior / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 o superior
  • RAM: ≥8 GB
  • Espacio libre en disco: 120 GB SSD
  • Resolución de pantalla: 1920 x 1080
  • Recomendado para utilizar varias impresoras:

  • CPU: Intel i9-9900K o superior / AMD Ryzen 7 3800X o superior
  • RAM: ≥16 GB
  • Espacio libre en disco: 512 GB NVME
  • Resolución de pantalla: 1920 x 1080
  • Instalación y funcionamiento:

    Se requiere un puerto USB para el dongle de hardware; adaptador LAN, TCP/IP para el acceso a la red; las licencias basadas en software requieren acceso a Internet (el software debe conectarse al servidor de licencias aproximadamente una vez al día)

    Interfaces compatibles (en función de las impresoras, dispositivos de medición y plotters de corte utilizados):

    Ethernet, TCP/IP, USB, FireWire

    Uso en entornos virtualizados:

    Licencias basadas en software:

    El funcionamiento del software ColorGATE en máquinas virtuales no está permitido con licencias basadas en software.

    Licencias basadas en hardware ("hardware dongle"):

    Si la solución de virtualización admite USB, el software ColorGATE puede funcionar normalmente con licencias basadas en hardware. Tenga en cuenta, sin embargo, que ColorGATE no puede proporcionar soporte para problemas que se produzcan en el contexto de la solución de virtualización. Puede haber restricciones cuando se conectan impresoras, dispositivos de medición o plotters de corte a través de USB. Además, los requisitos de hardware deben estar disponibles exclusivamente como recursos para la máquina virtual a fin de garantizar un funcionamiento de alto rendimiento del software. Por estos motivos, recomendamos utilizar los entornos virtualizados únicamente con fines de prueba.