Hanover, May 8 // Automation and standardization are the keys to efficient and profitable digital print production with less errors, less waste and lower costs. Enabling print service providers and manufacturers to stay ahead, ColorGATE strengthens digital printing processes with new workflow automation features by supporting the state-of-the-art tools. Customers, partners and interested parties are invited to learn more about the new ColorGATE Productionserver 23 family at FESPA Munich (booth A1-A60).

  • Productionserver is a market-leading color management, RIP and print data generation solution for industrial digital printing and graphic arts printing. With more than 25 years of experience not only in the development of printing software, but also in the fields of sign & display, surface decoration, ceramics, textiles and packaging, ColorGATE offers unique features to fully support these applications.
  • The new version 23 opens up new possibilities for automated color correction. Décor and packaging applications often require the reprinting of an existing printed reference. If color deviations occur during reprinting, they can be automatically corrected with ColorGATE's Fingerprint and Color Correction Loop technology. Productionserver 23 now supports a wide range of measuring devices for iterative color correction using Color Correction Loop technology.
  • Customers can achieve a new level of automation with Productionserver’s REST API. New features are available in Productionserver 23, facilitating the integration in existing production processes.
  • ColorGATE will support connectors to OneVision and Enfocus workflows.
  • With Productionserver 23, customers also benefit from various improvements in PDF support as well as general stability and performance optimizations with Adobe PDF Print Engine 6.1.
  • ColorGATE supports many printing, cutting and measurement devices. With version 23, more than 1,850 devices can be driven with ColorGATE.
  • ColorGATE will be demonstrating the new functions and tools at FESPA Munich. Customers, partners and interested parties are invited to discuss trends and future projects at booth A1-A60.


Productionserver 23 – Precision Meets Automation

ColorGATE Productionserver is a color management and RIP solution for industrial digital printing and the graphic arts industry. It is available in dedicated versions for packaging, ceramic, decorative and textile printing, where it often forms the backbone of complex printing and production processes.

The core function of Productionserver is to generate print data from design files. These print data are specifically generated for the connected digital printing system, considering the required data format, ink setup, print mode, substrate and all other parameters that affect print quality and color reproduction. In this way, optimum print results are achieved at different production times, on different systems and in different locations, which match a defined reference – a key requirement in industrial print production.

Functional requirements such as ink saving can also be taken into account. ColorGATE is a pioneer in the extensive automation of such processes and, together with its partners among the manufacturers of printing and finishing systems as well as measuring devices, is able to provide highly efficient workflows that can save time and money for print service providers, digital printers and producers of decorative surfaces, textiles, ceramics and packaging.


Highlights of Productionserver 23

Compatibility with Adobe PDF: ColorGATE relies on the Adobe PDF Print Engine to render PDF files. Productionserver 23 is equipped with the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine 6.1 This ensures compatibility with latest design applications from Adobe.

Automation with REST API: The REST API interface can be used to integrate ColorGATE into existing workflows and to further automate them. ColorGATE is striving to make all relevant Productionserver functions accessible via the REST API and has, among other things, added the option of creating and editing containers to Version 23.

Automated color correction for every workflow: Getting color right, especially when reprinting, is crucial in the printing business. This usually requires a lot of manual work, tweaking and the like, no matter how good master samples have been preserved. With ColorGATE’s Fingerprint technology digital samples can be created from raster data and, in the new version 23, also from PDF files. When printing the digital master for the repeat run, it is easy to detect color deviations and to use the Color Correction Loop module to automatically correct them so that the print results are consistent with previous runs.

Improved UI & support access: The user interface has been further optimized in Productionserver 23, making it easier for users to work with and for new customers to get started with ColorGATE software. Customers can now easily access ColorGATE’s technical support directly out of the Productionserver software.

Thomas Kirschner, CEO of ColorGATE, emphasizes: “At ColorGATE, we prioritize automation and standardization for efficient and profitable digital print production. Productionserver 23 offers new workflow automation features, automated color correction, improved PDF support, and stability and performance optimizations. Our commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers is reflected in this new version.”


Prepress Automation with new OneVision and Enfocus Connectors

Many print service providers are facing increased job volumes, especially for smaller, more customized jobs. In order to cope with this, while remaining efficient and keeping machine utilization high, automation is a critical factor.

ColorGATE users will have the opportunity to easily automate their prepress workflows. To make this possible, ColorGATE is now connecting to products from OneVision Software AG and Enfocus BV. Dedicated connectors make it possible to include ColorGATE-driven output devices and all their color capabilities within automated workflows.


ColorGATE at FESPA Munich

ColorGATE will be exhibiting at the upcoming FESPA in Munich (May 23 - 26). At booth A1-A60, the ColorGATE team would like to invite everyone to discover how to get the best out of a print workflow, not just once, but with every print, on every printer, at every production site. ColorGATE is looking forward to exchanging ideas about trends and possible projects in digital printing.

Visitors will be able to explore the new Productionserver Version 23, automation and eCommerce solutions, and industry standard production samples. ColorGATE customers will also have the opportunity to discuss support cases and upgrades to their existing licenses.

About ColorGATE

ColorGATE has been driving the digitalization of the printing industry for more than 25 years. Their software, color, and service competence enable fast, high-quality, and profitable digital printing. With a wide range of software solutions, services, and tools for color management and print data generation, they cater to manufacturers of printing systems, print service providers, and technology users in various digital printing industries.

ColorGATE's innovative and modular portfolio pays special attention to precise and consistent color reproduction combined with highest performance. Managed by co-founder Thomas Kirschner, ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions GmbH is an independent subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd. since 2018.