Print and Cut Module (PCM)

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Print and Cut Module (PCM)


The PCM brings together the processes of printing and cutting by synchronizing printers and cutting systems. With the PCM, efficient contour cutting and precise finishing is possible - from simply cutting stickers via POP displays to complex industrial applications. For this reason, the PCM is the ideal solution for cutting, routing and finishing materials such as wood, plastic, leather and textiles.

Supported cutting tables and cutting plotters

Without the technical support of the Print and Cut Module, data preparation would be expensive, time consuming and error-prone. With the PCM, the process is much more effective and efficient.


  • Easy separation of the cutting path from print data, since a colored (spot color) cutting path is placed around the respective objects.
  • Optimal synchronization of printer and plotter using synchronization marks to provide printed images with a contour cut.
  • Readout of the cutting path during preview creation. The information is stored together with the job.
  • Generation of a device specific cutting file from the cutting path information. A special PLT file for example passes through the ColorGATE CutServer before being available at the plotter.
  • Integration of the cutting function with the various functions of the Productionserver RIP software, such as the container function and multiple output.
  • Application of hotfolder and hot container technology ensures seamless integration of the PCM into an automated workflow.

The PCM supports GCC, Graphtec, Mimaki, Mutoh, SummaSign and Roland cutting plotters (based on version 10). Optional ColorGATE drivers are available for controlling digital cutting tables manufactured by Aristo, MultiCam, Kongsberg, Zünd (Touch and Cut, Zünd Cut Center) with the Print and Cut Module.

ColorGATE CutServer
ColorGATE CutServer is a separate application to transmit cut files from Productionserver to a cutting plotter, based on hotfolder technology. Check our list of supported cutting tables and cutting plotters to see whether your device is supported in ColorGATE CutServer.

Mutoh cutting devices are supported via Mutoh CutServer. Device related features: Automatable workflow with barcode technology.

Perforation cut
By defining the distances between two cuts and the length of a cut a perforation cut can be carried out.

Multiple cut path support
Several different cutting paths can be created and assigned to different cutting types, for example to cut one path in a print job and only perforate the other.

Rotate job data
Job data and barcodes can be rotated by 180 degrees to simplify cutting after printing rolled up materials (roll-to-roll). In addition, data can be rotated by 90-degree increments for further processing on cutting tables.

Cut path extraction settings
Bézier conversion methods (device-specific): Convert to arcs, line segments or preserve béziers. Intuitive parameters, such as permissible deviation, maximum segmentation, minimum/maximum radius, lead to quality-controlled conversion. Its results will be reported numerically.

Cut path preview
The cut job's preview image in both the CutServer and the cut path preview is displayed overlayed with the cut lines. Colored lines indicate different types of paths including arc element, bézier curve or line segment.

SyncMark coloring
The color of the synchronization marks can be freely defined via software sliders to optimize scanner readability on different media types.