Industrial Printing

Textile Productionserver

ColorGATE offers with TPS a performance-optimized RIP and Color Management software for all applications in digital textile printing. This includes the support of printing devices for sub-limation processes as well as industrial textile processes for natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics using reactive or pigment inks for direct printing and direct-to-garment.

  • Applications
  • Direct-to-garment
    Apparel & fabrics
    Interior textiles, homeware Technical textiles

    Outdoor textiles

    • Awnings
    • Sunshades
    • Garden furniture

    All leading digital printing devices as well as all application areas within industrial textile printing are supported.

  • Features of performance
  • Supported are all leading digital printing devices as well as all application areas within industrial textile printing.
    Textile Productionserver has the following performance characteristics:

    • Enables coloration process for through-printing, haptics, light fastness and washing durability
    • Automatable and adaptable to existing production workflows
    • Optimal processing speed, scalable to requirements for small to medium print runs
    • Precise data preparation for excellent image quality, accurate coloration and high color consistency
    • Enables maximum reproduction and color impression of the given design

    Some of the many challenges in digital textile printing are:

    • The controlled handling of non-standardized process elements (varying substrates of nonwoven and knitted fabrics made from synthetic and/or natural fibers as well as ink technologies and color combinations)
    • The maximal gamut utilization of freely combinable multichannel ink systems
    • Consideration of functional characteristics of textile printing in the coloration process (print recipe) such as: through-printing, haptics, light fastness and washing durability
    • High productivity
    • Comprehensive production processes from pre-treatment right up to post processing

    Together with Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) our extremely fast color measurement system and Colorrizer, the colorization and print design software in the color space of the industrial production system, Textile Productionserver is able to surveil and control the entire working process from design creation, via profiling right up to the final print.

  • Technical Highlights
    • Digital adoption of production and design data from conventional printing processes
    • Gamut Viewer (2D/3D) for maximal colorspace utilization 
    • JDF-interface for direct workflow data exchange
    • Processing of all common file formats as well as multichannel files (Adobe Photoshop PSD and PSB files)
    • Color Management with quality assuring and recalibration functions (QAM & MDS)
    • Color Profiler for the comfortable assistant-guided creation of multicolor, ICC, DeviceLink and reference profiles 

    ColorGATE Colorrizer


    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

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