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Textile Productionserver

Accurate color management during the whole production workflow: With ColorGATE you enjoy maximum efficiency from design to the finished textile product!

Whether you are printing on a cotton shirt, a tote bag or on large fabric panels - ColorGATE's Textile Productionserver is your print data management system for all areas of application in digital textile printing. Benefit from the highest color reliability and color-accurate processing of files from design to finished product!

Discover the Advantages of Our Products in Digital Textile Printing!

With ColorGATE's special features for digital textile printing, you can achieve breath taking results! 

Not only are you fully in control of the white underbase, you can also use the color of the background: Where the color of the shirt and the design match, there is no printing at all (“Knock-Out”) - this way you will save ink and improve the feel of the print!

You produce at different sites? With ColorGATE's Media Device Synchronization you can achieve color-accurate results on different printers, even at different locations!

ColorGATE's Textile Productionserver can be integrated into existing production processes. With our special features and optional modules you get a complete workflow and color management system!

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  • Applications
  • Print on a Variety of Materials - Quickly and Accurately!

    • Direct-to-garment

      • T-Shirts, Hoodies, Trousers, Tops and much more
      • Cut pieces

    • Textile Roll-to-Roll Printing

      • Home Textiles
      • Clothing and Fashion
      • Technical Textiles
      • Sunshades
      • Garden furniture

  • Key Features
  • Your Solution for the Challenges of Digital Textile Printing!

    ColorGATE's Textile Productionserver:
    Application-oriented. Fast. Easy to use.

    We provide:

    • Proper handling of transparency and overprinting as defined in Adobe PDF
    • Smart White creation: we have developed a procedure that takes into account the white generation metrologically and visually in  linearization and profiling

      • Precise white balance control for superior image quality
      • Create the correct white layer
      • Detailed control of choke and spread

    • Supports white highlight as spot color or filling
    • Remove Background („Knock-Out“): Use the garments color when printing dark motifs on dark substrates
    • Transfer of know-how 
    • Technical care and assistance by expert support

    Technical Highlights: 

    • Support of Pantone color libraries and spot colors
    • Compatible with PDF/X-3 and PDF/x-4
    • Adobe PDF Print Engine
    • Digital adoption of production and design data from conventional printing processes
    • Quality Assurance with optional module

    Would you like to know more? We will be glad to help you!

  • Matching Modules
  • Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Requirements!



    Color Atlas Module

    Precise color replacement - according to your own color perception!

    • Fast determination of matching colors
    • Precise ink replacement, even with different substrates
    • No measuring devices required for color definition
    • Easy to Use

    More Information about the Color Altas module

    Media Device Synchronization

    Consistent color quality – independent of production location

    • Recalibrates a printer back to a given standard or several printers to match each other – without the need to create new profiles
    • Enables color consistent printing on different printers and at different production sites

    Learn more about Media Device Synchronization.

    Cost Calculation Module

    Keep an eye on the costs!

    • Determine the ink consumption before printing, taking into account material and additional costs

    JDF Interface Module

    Job ticket automation via XML e.g. for your online shop!

    XML is a standardized file format for transferring order data between the Productionserver and other workflow components. For example, your online shop system can automatically tell the Productionserver which driver settings should be used to produce the order based on the selected T-shirt quality. Sources of error caused by manual selection of driver settings are eliminated.

    You can find all available modules here.

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

    Value Packs

    Value Packs