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Supported printers

Supported printers

With a portfolio of several hundred printer drivers for the most different printing systems and digital printing applications of leading manufacturers, ColorGATE is one of the world’s major developers in this field. Thanks to the pull-down menus, you know immediately that your printers are also supported by the ColorGATE RIP software solutions.

Released in
Shows the moment of the availability of the driver related to the version and the respective build. The number before the last point displays the major version and the number after that the corresponding build version, e.g.:
9.00 [version].6056 [build].

Cost Calculation CCM
The Cost Calculation CCM module enables you to calculate the actual printing costs in advance and presents this information as a report (HTML/CSV), incl. material and any additional costs.
• = Complete pre-calculation of the anticipated print costs.
º = Limited function - Calculation of print costs after printing.

Hybrid Support
The printer has either an integrated cutting device or an integrated measurement device (color instrument).

• C = Cutting device is integrated (in this case the Print and Cut Module (PCM) is also included)
• M = Measurement device is integrated

Ink Saver
Ink Saver is an exclusive ColorGATE innovation for output management and can reduce ink costs by up to 30 percent. Ink Saver technology uses special DeviceLink profiles to optimize color composition; this technology reduces the CMY portions in the motif and replaces them with a greater proportion of black; this significantly reduces the overall quantity of ink used, which also reduces the costs.

• = supported.

Printer Status Monitor
The Printer Status Monitor displays in the RIP software all major status messages of the used printing system, if supported. Status messages such as, printer status, media width, ink level, ink usage and information about the heating cycle. Nature and extent of the status messages are based on the functionality of the connected printer.

• = supported.

Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 = The majority of ColorGATE printer drivers belong to Category 1 (internationally marketed solvent, eco-solvent, latex and water-based printers with up to 2.5 m of output width); Category 3 is reserved for exclusive high-end systems and Category 2 covers most UV printers and many special and customized solutions.
Cat Y = available on request

S, M, L, P = The abbreviations refer to the required Proofgate RIP-Software (Small, Medium, Large, Packaging) for the respective printer.

S, M, L, P = The abbreviations refer to the required Filmgate RIP-Software (Small, Medium, Large, Production) for the respective printer.
Y = available on request

Printing device
Released in
Hybrid support
Ink Saver
Print Monitor

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