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Proofgate 10

Hardware drivers and Output Management Sets

Please select the manufacturer and type of all devices to be operated. If you use devices of the same type, these must be selected as often as required.

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Each device comes with an Output Management Set (OMS) which includes a Hotfolder, a RIP Process and a Queue. The Ink Saver is optionally selectable for several devices.

The selected product Proofgate 10 contains:
5 x Hotfolder

Enhance Your Performance

You can add further Output Management Extensions to your product:


ColorGATE hotfolder technology enables fully automated output according to predefined settings and the cross-platform processing of print jobs. This enables users to automate workflows of a virtually unlimited complexity, whereby individual modifications can still be made to the process at any time. There is no limit to the number of active hotfolders. Hotfolders can be added at any time, as needed.

RIP Process

In the RIP process, PostScript, PDF and raster formats are converted into system-specific screen/ raster data for output on printing systems. ColorGATE is one of the world's first suppliers who used RIP software to solve additional major challenges in color management and in raster separation. Meanwhile, these have become a standard in RIP software solutions.

In addition to Adobe PDF Print Engine, ColorGATE has integrated the self-developed raster engine, responsible for the processing of bitmap formats, into the ColorGATE Printing Software, so that for all application scenarios the maximum performance is achieved. This has been realized through consistent parallelization of all processing steps. Several Rip Processes can share the processing of a job. Individual pages of multipage jobs are ripped simultaneously and multiple jobs can be processed in parallel. The license model allows the sizing and scaling of the output power to meet any requirements or the distribution of job scopes on multiple host computers.

For further information on supported hardware and compatible devices, please visit the page supported devices.

Add Ink Saver:
Ink Saver

Ink Saver is an exclusive ColorGATE innovation for output management and can reduce ink costs by up to 30 percent. Ink Saver technology uses special DeviceLink profiles to optimize color composition; this technology reduces the CMY portions in the motif and replaces them with a greater proportion of black; this significantly reduces the overall quantity of ink used, which also reduces the costs.

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