Industrial Printing

PrintProcessLab - Modular inkjet testing and simulation system for digital print system development

ColorGATE offers as exclusive solutions partner of n-art-m the new PrintProcessLab (PPL). PPL is a testing and simulation system to simplify and fasten the process development in digital industrial inkjet printing. It allows to perform detailed print head and ink compatibility tests. With PPL functions of digital printing systems can be proved and examined such as continuous operation, different jetting distances regarding the substrate and the overall printing speed.

The advantages are obvious: elaborate tests and simulations of printing processes and results can be carried out early and independently from an actual printing system with a true-to-scale system. 

Fields of application:

  • Reference prints
  • Ink tests
  • Substrate tests
  • Continuous operation tests
  • Nozzle tests
  • Development of cleaning procedures
  • Adhesive properties of a substrate




  • Highlights
    • Direct access to a complete writing system
    • Comprehensive ink and substrate compatibility testing
    • Suitable for various inks, print heads and media types
    • Analysis of process requirements close to actual conditions
    • Monitoring of

      • Print head properties
      • Print head temperature
      • Ink debris at print head

    • Determination of optimal print condition

      • Continuous operation tests
      • Nozzle checks
      • Sample prints

    • High flexibility, modular expandable
  • Test and simulation scenarios
    • Optimal printing temperature per substrate
    • Optimal media surface temperature
    • Optimal jetting distance, drying times and properties
    • Adhesion properties of substrates
  • List of components
  • PPL Cleaning Station:
    For a simple cleaning of the print heads and
    simulation of cleaning cycles in the final printing system.
    Only required once per PrintProcessLab.
    PPL Home Station:
    To protect the print heads against dry out of the inks. Requires one unit per Inkjet-Cassette.
    PPL Purge Station:
    For purging of the print heads.
    Only required once per PrintProcessLab.
    PPL Endless Surface:
    Continuous operation tests without substrates. Determination of data from continuous operation, such as temperature, optimal printing speed and similar.
    PPL Adhesive Surface:
    Fixation of media two and three dimensional by simply laying on the all-purpose adhesive mat (media thickness up to 20 mm). Functions for sample prints and nozzle check.
    PPL LabOS Software:
    PPL LabOS Software is the user interface for the PPL unit.
    PPL Stand:
    PPL Stand is for deployment of PrintProcessLab at perfect working height.
    PPL Base Station Inkjet-Cassette 50:
    Connects up to 4 Inkjet-Cassetts 50 with
    PPL Docking Station Inkjet-Cassette 100:
    Connects one Inkjet-Cassette 100 with
    PrintProcessLab. Requires one unit per Inkjet-Cassette 100.
    Inkjet-Cassette 50:
    Complete printing system incl. print head Ricoh
    MH5420/MH5440 (Gen 5).
    Inkjet-Cassette 100:
    Complete printing system incl. print head Kyocera KJ4A/KJ4B.

    In our downloadable PrintProcessLab Flyer (PDF) you will find all information from this website gathered in one document (size 1MB).

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