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Output Management Sets (OMS)


Output Management Sets - The easiest way to scale your production

Product configuration with Output Management Sets (OMS) provides considerably more flexibility than any other solutions we know on the market. OMS enable a variable consequently optimal configuration when referring to the type of printers as well as to the scope and size of the production environment. The latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) is a basic product component and independent from all OMS variants

Every OMS can consist of the following components:

  • One printer driver available in the categories: Cat1, Cat2 or Cat3 and additional special solutions for the area of Industrial Printing. Printer driver for Film- or Proofgate accordingly in the categories S, M, L or PList of supported printing systems

  • The ColorGATE Ink Saver Technology, which can reduce the total ink costs by up to 30%. Ink Saver Technology is available for various printer driver - Alternatively without Ink Saver, e.g. if Ink Saver is not available for the chosen printer driver. Ink Saver is available for all current Productionserver products

  • CG RIP Process: In the RIP Process, PostScript, PDF (only APPE) and raster formats are converted into system-specific screen/ raster data for output on printing systems. ColorGATE is one of the world's first suppliers who used RIP software to solve additional major challenges in color management and in raster separation. Meanwhile, these have become a standard in RIP software solutions.

  • With one Hotfolder and one Queue each
  • Please note that Adobe PDF Print Engine will be separated from OMS sets from version 10.1 onwards. Starting with version 10.1 APPE is included in every product or can be optionally selected. In future, OMS will include the RIP Process instead of APPE. ColorGATE RIP software allows fast processing and delivers the necessary performance.
    RIP Technology is partially selectable at ColorGATE, for example, ColorGATE Raster Products can optionally extend APPE solutions. Other products already include APPE as standard.

    OMS for Productionserver
    For and easy selection of the optimal OMS, ColorGATE provides different OMS combinations for Productionserver family, which are listed in the following table:

    ColorGATE utilizes the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) by default - The market-leading RIP engine for a fast image processing of complex graphics without any surprises.

    Every ColorGATE RIP software solution is composed of a base product (e.g.: Productionserver Flex-Line products, Filmgate, Plategate, Proofgate), which is completed with two additional components:

    • One or more Output Management Sets (OMS)
    • And a Value Pack (1, 365, 2 or 3)