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Ink Saver


Ink Saver is an exclusive ColorGATE innovation for output management and can reduce ink costs by up to 30 percent. Ink Saver technology uses special DeviceLink profiles to optimize color composition; this technology reduces the CMY portions in the motif and replaces them with a greater proportion of black; this significantly reduces the overall quantity of ink used, which also reduces the costs.

Further advantages of the Ink Saver are:

  • Stabilization of the printing process
  • Improved grey balance
  • Shorter drying times

In this way the total amount of ink, and consequently the costs are significantly reduced.

Ink Saver is available for CMYK and light-color halftone printing systems; RGB, multicolor
and Contone systems (Canon PB, EPSON HTM, HP Contone) are not supported. Ink Saver can be added to your system as needed at any time; for each printer one Ink Saver of the corresponding category is required.