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InPrint 2015 - ColorGATE Solutions for digital industrial printing


ColorGATE will present its extensive solution portfolio for industrial digital printing at the second InPrint, the exhibition for industrial print technology. New highlights include such dedicated workflow solutions as Ceramic, Décor, Packaging and Textile Productionserver in addition to the Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition, which targets manufacturers of industrial digital printing systems in particular. The ColorGATE team and ColorInLab associates, along with n-art-m, will be on hand to answer all questions on the topic of Industrial Printing during the entire show at the booth in Hall A6, Booth B41, from November 10th to 12th 2015.

In addition, ColorGATE will showcase Colorrizer, a new coloration software, and Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC), an extremely fast color measurement system, which, together with the Industrial Productionserver variants, cover the entire digital production workflow from the creation of the design to color matching using soft and hardcopy proofing right on up to final printing. As a result, matching and production processes can be optimized and fine-tuned to perform even better. 

The new application-specific Industrial Productionserver solutions are based on ColorGATE know-how in color management and the intelligent control of printing systems and have been designed to provide all the functions required in the industrial area of application concerned. A software-integrated quality-control function and the innovative recalibration technology guarantee the color-consistent future production of the same print runs at any time. The Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), the world’s currently fastest, highest quality rendering platform for demanding graphics products, comes included. Thus, the combination of Productionserver and APPE supplies printing systems with a constant stream of graphics data in highest quality and speed. ColorGATE’s unique Ink Saver technology for lower ink costs is also optionally available for the new Industrial Productionserver solutions.

Ceramic Productionserver
Complete workflow and color-management solution specially developed for digital ceramic printing. The Ceramic Productionserver functions as a central printing data management system to provide highest process efficiency from design right on up to the finished ceramic product. It is able to process all the conventional file formats, including multi-channel files, and creates separations/printing data for all the ceramic printers of different manufacturers. The individual functions are integrated specific to the application in order to close gaps in the digital workflow. 

Décor Productionserver
The new Décor Productionserver has been specially developed for the industrial décor reproduction printing, e.g. for finishing of wood-based panels, laminates and décor pa-pers. Thus, the ColorGATE Décor Productionserver builds a bridge between the new versatility of digital decoration and the established conventional, analog printing processes, making it possible to transfer production and design data from conventional processes to a new digital production process. Color Management functions coordinated specifically with the decoration and enhancement process allow the processing and color adaption of already existing greyscale and 1-Bit data. 

Packaging Productionserver
ColorGATE also presents a Productionserver configuration with the speed-optimized output of Multipage and PDF-VT files for the first time, called Packaging Productionserver. Print jobs several thousand pages in length can now be ripped, color managed and screened corresponding to the output resolution at the same time without requiring any waiting at the output system. ColorGATE uses the current Adobe PDF Print Engine 4.0 as its Raster Image Processor engine (RIP engine) and has optimized it even further for the high-powered processing of extensive multiple-page documents in Productionserver, whereby data volumes of up to 4 gigapixels per second can be created without interruption. Thanks to this scalable high-powered technology, high-resolution single-pass printing systems with up to 1200 x 1200 dpi can also be supplied with printing data nonstop.

Another highlight for use in the packaging sector is the Media and Light Profiler, which is able to compensate deviations in the media coloration with great ease and high reliability. That is particularly important for such natural materials as paper or corrugated cardboard.

Textile Productionserver
ColorGATE’s Textile Productionserver provides the right RIP software for all applications in digital textile printing. This includes the support of printing systems and sublimation processes as well as industrial textile printing processes for natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics, using reactive inks or pigment inks for direct printing. Textile Productionserver is developed to support all processes and many of the leading systems. It guarantees production equally perceived even for changing substrates with the help of effective, easily implemented color management. Production on 8-color printing systems is also supported as well as any desired system fitting with individual colors or inks. The individual color channels can be allocated freely. 

Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition
This software offers excellent color management for consistent color reproduction, proof functions and the generic industrial inkjet driver suitable for all industrial printing systems and applications. The generic printer driver can be configured to generate printable raster data (1-bit or multi-level) for virtually all possible ink configurations and resolutions in the common file formats. Productionserver can also be used to create color correct printing data from all conventional graphics documents. In addition, the Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition delivers all the functions required to check industrial printing systems early on in the development process in rigorous testing with respect to printing quality and color accuracy, particularly taking into account different ink configurations. Using the Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition can effectively eliminate a flawed print prepress or print data preparation as the cause of quality problems at an early point in time, which, in turn, reduces the need for troubleshooting, which is frequently time-consuming and costly.

ColorGATE now presents Colorrizer: a new process-optimized coloration software program for industrial digital printing. With Colorrizer, the design and collection development is already done in the working color space of the digital production system so that the process-dependent printer gamuts are taken into account and fully exploited directly in the design process. This procedure optimizes the process from the design to the digital industrial printing production and leads to significant production time and cost savings.

Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)
The RSC is an extremely fast color measurement and profiling system for virtually all applications in digital printing. „What you see is what you get” – “Measure like your own eyes”. Typical spectrophotometers for graphical applications are specialized to read the single patches of printed media in a standard compliant way according to their fixed illumination and sensor geometry. They apply low-resolution sensors which make the process very time-consuming and it may lead to incorrect measurements of structured or translucent or reflective surfaces, with the consequence that obtained measurement data is useless for accurate color management.

PrintProcessLab (PPL)
Starting immediately, ColorGATE will be featuring the new PrintProcessLab (PPL) in its portfolio as the exclusive solution partner of n-art-m GmbH. n-art-m’s PPL is a test and simulation system for simplified, accelerated process development in industrial inkjet printing. It realistically simulates the printing process of industrial inkjet printing systems and provides many different options for analysis and simulation. It supports the inks, controllers and printheads of leading manufacturers. Systems will be presented with controllers from TTP Meteor, printheads from Kyocera and the versatile printheads from Ricoh at the ColorGATE booth at the InPrint Show. Thanks to PPL, it is now possible to simulate and test the functions of digital printing systems, such as continuous operation, printing distances and speeds, at an early point in time. In addition, different substrates can be thoroughly tested in connection with the printheads used, inks and such process-dependent parameters as drying. Ink and material testing is accelerated and can be done for two- as well as three-dimensional objects. Thus, PPL provides an ideal platform not only for system developers and integrators, but for ink developers as well.

For more information and videos on the new ColorGATE solutions, please visit the ColorGATE website. 


About ColorGATE
ColorGATE has been successfully developing software solutions, RIP software and printer driver technology for Commercial Printing (digital, conventional printing, prepress) and Industrial Printing since 1997. 

Our core product, Productionserver, a modular RIP and color-management software program, is used daily around the world by thousands of digital-imaging users. We have been successfully active on the up-and-coming market of Industrial Printing since its beginnings ten years ago. One of the products we supply today is SmartControl, a tried-and-tested Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS). 

As experts for excellent color management and the intelligent control of printing systems, we invest our know-how for our users and partners on a daily basis to offer customized, flexible solutions for a wide variety of different requirements and areas of application.

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