Job Backup Module (JBM)

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Job Backup Module (JBM)


The JBM enables archiving of single print jobs - if desired including all job specific settings (e.g. profiles and print data) - to a freely definable directory. At a later time these jobs can be reproduced on the same or on another printer using the original settings.


  • Safe archiving of data including the original settings
  • Comfortable and fast reprint of already printed data
  • Fast transfer of jobs and various job settings to other printers
  • Relief and better clarity of the job queue by archiving jobs which are currently not required or by sending jobs to other printers
  • Less assignment of memory space in the program and, therefore, increase of the system performance

Jobs from the job queue can be saved manually or automatically. When archiving automatically, it must be defined if and when all jobs of a specific hotfolder are saved after printing. For instance, there is the possibility of a weekly automatic backup of all jobs which are no longer required after printing - without additional administrative burden.

Moreover, the user can decide if a job is deleted from the job queue after archiving or if it stays listed in the queue.

Because of its functionality the JBM is a comfortable instrument for remote application: After creating a job, it is stored as backup on a server. This backup can be loaded by another print office and can be printed without changing the parameters. Therefore, the job settings are retained and the printing quality is assured, even if it is a remote application.