In-RIP-Trapping Module (TRAPM)

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In-RIP-Trapping Module (TRAPM)


The TRAPM ensures elimination of flashes in the print image due to process-related registration errors in multi-color printing, which can occur during printing process.

These errors appear, when printing image elements of different colors sequentially on a printed sheet. In this case it can happen that small flashes will be visible at the boundary lines of the image elements, which should normally not be visible. Most of these errors are based on mechanical inaccuracies of the printing system, e.g. as inaccurate alignment of the printing sheets, which are technically inevitable in some cases.

In order to counter these misalignments, In-RIP-Trapping Module enables overfilling or under filling of adjacent image elements. When overfilling elements, a very thin line is placed around the picture elements, so that adjacent elements overlap minimal. Next to offset printing, especially for screen and packaging printing, trapping is an important feature to ensure high-quality printing products.