RIP Software



With the container function it is possible to merge several print jobs in the container into one collective job (nesting). Afterwards they can be arranged either optimized for material savings, optimized for cutting or manually according to individual requirements. The ColorGATE Container function clearly goes far beyond traditional nesting functions by offering scores of additional functions that increase the effectiveness and handling in daily production.

The Container function is the perfect tool for all users who intend to automate their production processes in the best possible way and to reduce material consumption at the same time.

  • Auto arrange method for cut optimized, media optimized or an ordered nesting arrangement of jobs.
  • Creation of multipage containers for the best possible use of the media format, especially with flatbed printers.
  • The Cost Calculation Module (CCM) and the Print and Cut Module (PCM) are fully supported.
  • Consideration of the printer specific zero point for a better overview/orientation while arranging a job.

Containers can be generated of existing as well as of new jobs. Jobs can be copied, mirrored, rotated and then released. It is possible to set up hot containers for automated production workflows.

The container function can be further enhanced via the Trim Nesting Module (TNM) in its ability to process Flexa and Fotoba cut marks.

Container arrangement:
  • Free placement of jobs or options for automatic arrangement, e.g. for optimized cutting, optimized media usage or ordered nesting.
  • Freely adjustable guidelines and magnetic object edges allow for the fast and simple arrangement of jobs. Guidelines can be saved as a fixed set.
  • Option for free placement of print jobs in several layers.

Multipage container:
  • Output of multipage PDF and PostScript files.

Container tiling:
  • Output of segmented jobs.

Print mode and MIM check:
  • Function to check the print mode and the chosen MIM.

Allocation of profiles:
  • Profiles can be allocated individually to any job inside a container.

Hot Container:
  • Automatic generation of a container from jobs that are imported via a hotfolder. The container is completed after a predefined container length or time limit has been reached.

Multisheet container:
  • Creation of a container job with multiple sheets. The sheet size is based on the predefined media size minus unprintable margins. Ideal for flatbed printers.

Create a flipside container:
  • Creation of a container copy with mirrored job positioning for double-sided print jobs (e.g. ceiling danglers). Easy job replacement for the back-side.