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Industrial Printing

In Industrial Printing, the process of printing is already done during the manufacturing process itself and serves to decorate any materials the products are made of. Ink or other liquids are usually applied by the touchless industrial inkjet technology, no matter what an object is made of or how it is shaped.During this process, it is decorated or provided with new features.

ColorGATE’s solutions ensure precise color reproduction to flexibly meet the respective requirements with high performance.

ColorGATE offers solutions for the following application areas:

  • Decor
    • Composite wood

      • LDF/MDF/HDF
      • Laminated plywood
      • HPL

    • Décor films and laminates
    • Flooring and vinyl parquetry
    • Edge bands for boards and furniture

    More information about Décor Productionserver can be found here.

  • Ceramics
    • Floor tiles
    • Wall tiles
    • Tile decoration
    • Dishes, tableware

    More information about Ceramic Productionserver can be found here.

  • Packaging
  • Direct-to-object-decoration

    • Bottles
    • Cans, tins, tubes
    • Container

    Flexible Packaging

    • Labels
    • Shrink wraps
    • Bags & pouches
    • Blister packs

    Cardboard packaging

    • Carton
    • Corrugated

    More information about Packaging Productionserver can be found here.

  • Textiles ...
    • Apparel & fabrics
    • Interior textiles, homeware
    • Technical textiles
    • Outdoor textiles

      • Awnings
      • Sunshades
      • Garden furniture

    More information about Textile Productionserver can be found here.







    • Glass
    • Wallpaper
    • Plastic
    • Concrete
    • Video
    • Experience the variety of ColorGATE Industrial Productionserver range in our video.

      The Industrial Productionserver range for the various industrial inkjet applications is based on the same software architecture, scalable in its performance and can be configured modularly to meet individual requirements. In Industrial Printing, ColorGATE supports a variety of controller and printhead manufacturers for Industrial Inkjet.

      Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

      Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

      Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)
      Custom Solutions

      Custom Solutions

      Custom Solutions

      ColorGATE supports a wide range of print head manufacturers, such as:

      Fujifilm Dimatix Konica Minolta Kyocera Ricoh Toshiba Xaar