New in Version 10

HP Latex Media Management

This function offers the usage of HP Latex Media Management directly from the ColorGATE RIP Software for printers of the HP Latex series. It includes a comfortable way of automatically downloading substrate presets from the HP Media Solutions Database directly to the printer and/or saving on the PC with only one mouse click. At the same time and step an appropriate MIM (Media-Ink-Metamode) will be created for instant usage.

HP Latex Media Management offers the following functions for time saving as well as cost effective processes:

  • Direct access from Productionserver to the HP Latex Media Solutions database with a wide selection of ready-made substrate presets (*.oms files, i.e. media incl. print mode settings)
  • Fast selection of the preferred substrate preset due to a well presented overview of all available files and by a convenient sorting and filter function
  • Download of the preferred substrate presets onto one or several printers and/or onto a PC for backup as well as for the creation of a corresponding MIM – all with just one mouse click in a fully automated process
  • Simple editing of all available media and print modes directly at the printer
  • Automatic creation of MIM combinations even from substrate presets already existing on the printer
  • Routine validation of the Printer Status Monitor display in order to check if a corresponding MIM is available for the inserted media or to start an automatic creation of a suitable MIM if necessary

Version 10 Launch

ColorGATE expands further with 10th generation the areas flexibility, performance and Color Management. The innovative Version 10 RIP Software solutions Productionserver, Filmgate and Proofgate offer more efficiency, security and on top of that will simplify the daily production for nearly all applications in Commercial and Industrial Printing.

Further information can be found on our Version 10 highlight website.

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Version 10 Highlights

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