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ICC Color Experts' Day

05/24/2019 Durst HQ, Bressanone, Italy

ICC is holding an Experts' Day on colour management in printing on non-paper substrates using wide-format printing. The meeting is hosted by Barbieri Electronic at Durst HQ

Jan Seguda, Product Manager IP, will giva a talk about Overcoming challenges surrounding color management in ceramic digital printing through new approaches

"Conventional measuring techniques as well as measuring instruments and the classical color management approach often lead to unsatisfactory results and problems in ceramics. In this presentation, a different approach will be introduced that focuses more on characterizing the design than the printer and overcomes the problems of traditional measuring instruments in ceramics. This leads not only to more flexibility through easy line and printer changes for producing a design, but also to significantly reduced costs through faster line entries in the course of reproductions."

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