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Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

The Rapid Spectro Cube is an all-in-one Color Management solution for the creation of ICC profiles especially in industrial digital printing applications. It contains an ultrafast color measurement system and software for ICC profiling.

Ultrafast Color Measurement and profiling for all industrial digital printing applications. 

 If you are interested in the Rapid Spectro Cube or if you have any further questions, please use our contact form.

Additionally, we have a new test profiling process for ColorGATE Rapid Spectro Cube. This PDF form provides information about the process and all relevant facts for target generation and profiling.

  • All-in-one solution
  • The Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) is an all-in-one Color Management solution for the creation of ICC profiles especially in industrial digital printing applications. It contains an ultrafast color measurement system and software for ICC profiling. RSC can take substrates right up to a size of 600x600 mm with a maximum substrate thickness of 80 mm while processing as far as 10,000 patches per target. Even color measurements of complex substrate surfaces such as ceramics, glass, textiles or metal are possible due to special optimizations. Additionally, the RSC takes measurements of very small objects, for instance from business card sized labels, from which the RSC can read up to 1000 color patches in just a few seconds, which will be processed into high-quality ICC profiles. 

    RSC already includes an option to measure backlit-materials (transmissive measurement), in order to process and profile objects like City Light posters and backlight displays. In batch mode the RSC allows the creation of up to 20 profiles per hour. 

    There are no limitations for applying the RSC. Fast and secure high-quality ICC profiling (CMYK, RGB, aNyColor) from very small objects is possible as well as processing those profiles with any ICC-compatible image editing or RIP software, e.g. Productionserver. The minimum patch size is only 1 mm. 

  • For all substrates, surfaces
  • Measurements and profiles can be acquired from different conditioned substrates, such as: 

    From non-white/tinted or colored substrates, such as:

    • Corrugated
    • Leather
    • Metallic surfaces
    • Wood, ceramics

    From translucent surfaces and high gloss substrates, such as:

    • Glass
    • Varnish
    • High gloss ceramic tiles
    • High gloss finished décor panels
    • Metallic surfaces
    • Backlit materials

    From structured substrates, such as:

    • Carpets
    • Ceramic tiles
    • Leather
    • Textiles
  • Variants
  • RSC Flightcase (RSC FC)

    The main advantage of RSC FC is its mobility and low weight which makes it very easy to transport (32 kg weight). The measurement unit´s flightcase has a build in trolley and is setup in less than 5 minutes, which is also interesting for Color Management service provides, because the RSC can be used for on-site jobs. The scope of delivery includes a software for target generation and ICC profiling as well as a Value Pack 365 software maintenance and support contract.

    RSC Heavy Duty (RSC HD)

    RSC Heavy Duty (RSC HD) The RSC HD is characterized by its stable construction and is therefore suitable for the use in industrial production environments. It also has its own drawer which makes it very comfortable to load heavy weight materials.

    • Ideal for heavy weight materials like ceramic tiles, concrete,…
    • Drawer to load the substrate

     How to choose your RSC

    • Do you need a portable device?
    • Or a stationary device?
    • Do you only want to profile or also to scan? Which sensor do you prefer (depending on the application, both the RSC FC and the RSC HD are available with a standard or high-resolution sensor)?

    Depending on your needs ColorGATE can offer different options of RSC HD and RSC FC. Do you need more information? Then you can contact our customer service and we will create an individual offer for you.

  • What you see is what you get
  • Rapid spectro Cube Area Measurement
    Rapid Spectro Cube Complete Target Measurement
    Standard Measurement
    Standard Measurement Patch-by-Patch

    „What you see is what you get” – “Measure like your own eyes”

    Typical spectrophotometers for graphical applications are specialized to read the single patches of printed media in a standard compliant way according to their fixed illumination and sensor geometry. They apply low-resolution sensors which make the process very time-consuming and it may lead to incorrect measurements of structured or translucent or reflective surfaces, with the consequence that obtained measurement data is useless for accurate color management.

    The Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC), however, captures with its high-resolution sensor system a larger area and provides accurate measurement results of technically demanding surfaces, which are further processed in the course of processing for characterization purposes (ICC profiles) in such a way that the resulting color impression corresponds rather to the sense impression of the human color perception.

    At one glance:

    • Maximum substrate size 600x600 mm, substrate thickness 80 mm
    • Maximum target size 450x450 mm
    • Processing of 10000 patches per target
    • Measuring extremely small objects is possible, minimum patch size 1 mm
    • Omnidirectional illumination
    • Creation of high-quality ICC profiles (CMYK, RGB, aNyColor)
    • Depending on the device selection, different sensors (standard sensor or high-resolution sensor) and different application possibilities (profiling and/or scanning) are available
  • Video
  • Our product launch video offers an overview of all features and functions of the Rapid Spectro Cube. The video running time is approx. 5 min. 




    Total solution for digital ceramics tile production:

    With the Ceramic Productionserver, the patented Fingerprint technology and the Rapid Spectro Cube, ColorGATE offers the first complete solution for digital ceramics tile production.

    Our product flyer for Rapid Spectro Cube covers all mentioned highlights from the video and this website in one PDF. 

    Also, our product flyer for Digital Ceramic Tile Production shows the connection between Ceramic Productionserver and Rapid Spectro Cube PDF [7,8 MB]. 

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