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En el desarrollo y en el mantenimiento de nuestras soluciones de software, siempre hemos trabajado estrechamente con los principales fabricantes con el fin de garantizar una perfecta compatibilidad y un excelente rendimiento de todos los productos ColorGATE con distintas plataformas tecnológicas. Participamos en los programas de los principales fabricantes. En los análisis periódicos de calidad, las soluciones ColorGATE siguen impresionando al obtener la mejor puntuación. Les ofrecemos algunos ejemplos:

  • Certifications
  • IDEAlliance/ColorGATE is proud to announce that Productionserver 7 has successfully completed the IDEAlliance G7 systems certification and is now an officially certified G7 System. Productionserver 7 is a large format RIP solution that creates G7 compliant curve calibrations, providing a seamless implementation of G7 for print service providers.

    HP Graphic Solutions Partner GOLD Year 2011

    ColorGATE was appointed as "HP Graphic Solutions Partner GOLD Year 2011" for successful achievement of "HP Certification for Wide Format Printing with JDF Exchange" together with "HP Designjet Certification for HP Designjet printers" for both the HP Designjet and HP Scitex Industrial Printers.

    Certified for HP DesignJet Z6810

    Productionserver has successfully finished the certification process for the HP DesignJet Z6810.

    Certified for HP DesignJet Z6610

    Productionserver has successfully finished the certification process for the HP DesignJet Z6610.

    Certified for HP DesignJet Z5600

    Productionserver has successfully finished the certification process for the HP DesignJet Z5600.

    Productionserver & Proofgate have also successfully passed the HP DesignJet Z2600 Certification.

    Productionserver has also successfully finished the certification process for the HP Designjet Z6800.

    Productionserver has successfully finished the certification process for the HP Latex 300 series. This exhibits the continued success story of the collaboration between ColorGATE and HP and their overall effective Designjet Z series.

    Productionserver has successfully finished the certification process for the HP Latex 300 series. HP recommends the Productionserver in connection with all HP Latex 300 printing systems, which includes HP Latex 315/335/365/375 and HP Latex 310/330/360/370. And as well as with the HP Latex 280 printer.

    Certified for HP Latex 500 Series

    Productionserver has successfully finished the certification process for the HP Latex 500 series.

    Certified for HP Designjet L28500

    ColorGATE Productionserver 7 received top das best possible results for 'Dual Sided Printing' and passes all further test categories in HP Designjet L28500 certification. Read press release.

    Certified for HP Designjet L26500

    Productionserver 7 passed HP Designjet Certification Programm for HP Designjet L26500 successfully. HP Designjet L26500 is the perfect combination together with RIP Software PS7 HP Edition. Read press release.

    The success story goes on: Top marks for Productionserver 6 six times over – ColorGATE scores top points again – this time for the new HP flagship.

    Top marks 4 times for Productionserver 6: ColorGATE couldn’t have got a better rating for the new HP large-format printing system in the entry-level category.

    Productionserver is the first production RIP to earn full points in all categories - ColorGATE earns a convincing star rating for the ecologically friendly LFP innovation from HP.

    Certified for HP Designjet Z3200

    10 times "Very good" for Productionserver bundled with Photogate and Proofgate.

    Certified for HP Designjet Z6100

    "Very good" in all categories for Productionserver: the best HP-certified RIP solution in the test.

    Productionserver – the first certified production RIP for the innovative Latex LFP system from HP.

  • Awards
  • The Generalist Productionserver (PS8) family is the universal production RIP software that ensures excellent color management with optimum color rendering and consistent reproduction for all applications. Whether large and wide format printing, digital production according to such international standards as ISO, FOGRA, PSD, Gracol, G7 as well as for campaign printing, textile or for screen printing and print and cut - the PS8 Line-up offers the optimal RIP configuration for all types of digital print services.

    "By integrating VDP in the ColorGATE RIP, complex VDP jobs are easier to apply without much specialiesed knowledge. It helps also to keep the RIP time within limits" quote by the EDP Association.

    CG Web to Print - BEST WEB TO PRINT SOFTWARE Professional web-shop solution for digital large format printing

    "The ColorGATE W2P solution has been chosen for two reasons. The first one, it allows small printer businesses to create a personalized W2P web with very small investment in time and financial resources. The second one is the easy user interface that allows seeing in real time, the look of final product, integrating the complete workflow from the submission or creation of the job, the preflight, verification and correction, the invoicing and the final printing in all kind of output devices." emphasized the EDP Association.

    ... proving quality

    Not only users in Germany and abroad are impressed with the wide variety of different high-performance features that the ColorGATE solutions boast – international experts also confirm the outstanding quality of our products; the independent jury of the European Press Association for Digital Printing (EDP), for example, presented Productionserver 5, the ColorGATE digital print solution, with the award for "BEST RIP SOLUTION FOR WIDE FORMAT OF THE YEAR 2009".

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