Industrial Printing

Décor Productionserver

DPS is a modular workflow and Color Management solution aligned to digital décor printing with industrial digital printing systems of all leading manufacturers.

  • Applications
    • Composite wood

      • LDF/MDF/HDF
      • Laminated plywood
      • HPL

    • Décor films and laminates
    • Flooring and vinyl parquetry
    • Edge bands for boards and furniture
  • Technical highlights
    • Digital adoption of production and design data from conventional printing processes
    • Gamut Viewer (2D/3D) for maximal colorspace utilization
    • Color Management with quality assuring and recalibration functions (QAM & MDS)
    • Color  Profiler for the comfortable assistant-guided creation of multicolor, ICC, DeviceLink and  reference profiles
    • Freely combinable conversion of 1-Bit TIFF engraver data
    • Generation of reference and soft proof profiles




  • Features of performance
  • Décor Productionserver is dedicated to digital décor printing with industrial digital printing systems of all leading manufacturers with the following performance characteristics:

    • Application-oriented functions for all requirements in digital décor printing
    • Modular extendable and scalable for boosting performance
    • Maximum optimal image quality like conventional printing processes
    • Maximum color consistency for exact reproduction
    • Optimized seamless data processing for high resolution and extremely large files
    • Developed for an automated in-line operation by a maximal technical availability and a high performance 
    • Companionship and technical assistance through competent support

    Together with Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC) our extremely fast color measurement system and Colorrizer, a new process-optimized coloration software program for industrial digital the design and collection development is already done in the working color space of the digital production system so that the process-dependent printer gamuts are taken into account and fully exploited directly in the design process. In this combination Décor Productionserver is able to surveil and control the entire working process from design creation, via profiling right up to the final print production.

  • Video
  • First total solution for digital ceramics tile production. Complete workflow and color management system dedicated to ceramic production environments.

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