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Commercial Printing

As we see it, the Commercial Printing sector comprises all printing services in which the printed product is identical to the end product. In this case, the printing process is the core service provided. As a result, Commercial Printing includes the processes of Digital Printing and Conventional Printing. The difference between these is the different techniques (digital or analog) the printing systems use.

Prepress covers both of these processes

Commercial Printing includes:

  • Digital Printing
  • The market segment for Digital Printing covers all printing services that are provided on digital printing systems. In addition, we differentiate between Large Format Printing and Small Format Production Printing.

    Large Format Printing

    Wide or Large Format Printing (LFP) is the designation for the production of large-format print products with typical printing widths of between approx. 1 m to 5 m on a wide range of different substrates.

    Typical Products

    • Displays, posters, signs
    • Banners, large pictures, facade cladding
    • Transportation advertising, vehicle advertising
    • Textile and flag printing, soft signage
    • Interior design, wallpaper printing
    • Photos and art prints

    Small Format Production Printing

    Small Format Production Printing designates all professionally produced digital print products from job printing to a final format of approximately DIN A3.

    Typical Products

    • Business cards
    • Letter paper
    • Flyers, brochures

    Prepress and workflow solutions for Digital- and large format printing

    Thanks to latest technologies, e.g. the current Adobe PDF Print Engine and the DeviceLink color management, Productionserver products cope with requirements of all large and wide format applications and printing systems. Productionserver can be tailored and customized to the machinery. Versatile features ensure maximum product profitability and excellent print quality. The software interface is very simple and recurring processes can be automated. Outstanding functionalities besides the accurate color management for rapid profiling are quality control, recalibration and the Ink Saver, which reduces ink consumption to an optimal minimum. The Cost Calculator enables exact forecasts of operating costs for each printing job to provide precise quotes without proof, and the container function positions each job optimally to ensure throughput of collective prints with minimum material usage.

  • Conventional Printing
  • Conventional Printing is the term used for the conventional printing processes of flexo printing, offset printing, screen printing and gravure printing.

    Flexo printing

    Flexo printing plays a major role in the packaging printing segment. The printing of a large number of non-absorbent substrates at raster widths of between 60-150 lpi and sometimes high dot gain characterize flexo printing.

    Typical Products

    • Labels
    • Continuous and single forms
    • Packaging materials

    Offset printing

    Offset printing is a technique that uses process inks at line resolutions of 150-300 lpi. Offset printing is also often used to produce large print runs.

    Typical Products

    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Advertising materials

    Screen printing

    Screen printing generally uses line resolutions of up to 85 lpi. It also usually uses spot colors and a large range of different substrates.

    Typical Products

    • Posters, banners
    • Textile advertising
    • Art prints

    Gravure printing

    In gravure printing, the elements to be reproduced are engraved onto the image carrier using high contact pressure and adhesion force on the paper at high speed and usually in large print runs.

    Typical Products

    • Magazines
    • Catalogs
    • Packaging
    • Décor

    Prepress and workflow solutions for Conventional Printing

    Today’s printing industry is characterized by exactly these mixed production environments. It is important to use the advantages of printing processes in that way, they can address almost any customer requirement. Applying ColorGATE products, you have ‘one solution’ to serve any workflows in the best way.

  • Prepress
  • Prepress covers digital- as well as conventional printing processes.


    Prepress designates the different processes and procedures used to prepare for printing (data preparation, layout, image processing, color management, trapping etc.) to create digital artwork masters (PDFs) or printing forms (plates, stencils, blocks) for the final digital or conventional printing process.

    Typical Products

    • Digital proofs (halftone proofs)
    • Digital dot proofs
    • Digital artwork masters, printing forms (films, stencils, plates)
    • Raster data preparation (separated 1-bit-data)
    • PDF-X files

    RIP Software

    ColorGATE RIP software solutions include a variety of functions for different applications.

    RIP Software

    Supported devices

    Find here our list of drivers for printers, cutting- and color measurement devices supported by ColorGATE.

    Supported Devices

    Strategic partners

    ColorGATE RIP Software supports printing and cutting systems made by virtually all the leading manufacturers.

    Strategic partners

    In Commercial Printing, ColorGATE works closely together with the following worldwide operating corporations as well as with more than 50 additional manufacturers. All manufacturers.

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