Industrial Printing

Colorrizer - Coloration and print design in the color space of industrial production systems

ColorGATE presents Colorrizer: a new process-optimized coloration software program for industrial digital printing especially for Ceramic, Décor, Interior Design and Textile. With Colorrizer, the design and collection development is already done in the working color space of the digital production system so that the process-dependent printer gamuts are taken into account and fully exploited directly in the design process.

Colorrizer optimizes the process from the design to the digital industrial printing production and leads to significant production time and cost savings.

Our Colorrizer video covers in approx. 4 min. all benefits and features of
ColorGATE´s latest coloration software.

  • Applications
    • Composite wood

      • LDF/MDF/HDF
      • Laminated plywood
      • HPL

    • Décor films and laminates
    • Flooring and vinyl parquetry
    • Edge bands for boards and furniture

    More information about Décor Productionserver can be found here.

    • Direct-to-garment

      • T-Shirts, Hoodies, Trousers, Tops and much more
      • Cut pieces

    • Textile Roll-to-Roll Printing

      • Home Textiles
      • Clothing and Fashion
      • Technical Textiles
      • Sunshades
      • Garden furniture

    More information about Textile Productionserver.






    • Glass
    • Wallpaper
    • Plastic
    • Concrete

        • Floor tiles and wall tiles
        • Clinker and roof tiles
        • Dishes and tableware
        • Ceramic pots and tubes 
        • Sanitary

      More information about Ceramic Productionserver can be found here.

      Experience the variety of ColorGATE Industrial Productionserver range in our video.

      The Industrial Productionserver range for the various industrial inkjet applications is based on the same software architecture, scalable in its performance and can be configured modularly to meet individual requirements. In Industrial Printing, ColorGATE supports a variety of controller and printhead manufacturers for Industrial Inkjet.

    • Benefits and functions
      • Highly precise, powerful coloration software

        • Import of PSD files from Adobe Photoshop
        • Automatic color conversion and display in the maximum working color space
        • Import function for ACB files and color libraries
        • Import of 1- or 8-Bit data form conventional printing methods

      • Color correct soft proofing (on the monitor)

        • preventing “flying color-blind”
        • In connection with RIP Software, e.g. Productionserver print out of production valid proofs on paper are possible

      • Color-accurate multi-channel coloration – on-the-fly
      • Accurately specified and consistent color recipes via LAB color model
      • Creation of step-and-repeat pattern incl. drops

        • Lengthwise conversion in RIP Software, e.g. Productionserver

    • Textile Printing and Interior Design
    • Digital printing processes are now being used more and more frequently in textile printing as well as in the print production of products for interior design.

      Industrial inkjet technology, for example, is used to decorate surfaces of flooring, such as parquet and laminate, furniture and other wood-like materials.

      90% of the wall and floor tiles made in Europe are already being produced with ceramic digital printing systems. The advantages of digital production printing systems for smaller print runs and shorter run lengths with changing designs also come into play for the creation of such textiles for interior design as curtains, furniture fabrics, rugs and bedding.

      ColorGATE now presents Colorrizer, new colorization software designed to generate colorways with a color-accurate preview on the monitor (soft proof) and to create step-and-repeat patterns for all these applications.

      In our downloadable Colorrizer Flyer (PDF) you will find all information from this website and the video gathered in one document (size 1MB).

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      3D Surface Director

      3D Surface Director
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