TVI Calibration Module (TVICM)

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TVI Calibration Module (TVICM)


The TVICM complements the existing color management tool sets with the tonal value correction (TVI) well known from ISO 12647-2 used in offset printing. Analog to offset printing standard compliant print results can be achieved by using dot gain correction, standard ink and matching a paper specific TVI target.

TVICM offers the possibility to calibrate conventional printing presses in heterogeneous production environments via tonal value correction. Component of Profiler Suite.

The TVICM provides an easy to use and fully integrated process calibration wizard. TVICM is available for Productionserver, Filmgate and Plategate and is already included with the Computer to Screen Module (CTSM).

Additionally, TVICM allows creating tonal value corrections as part of the profiling process after the linearization and before ICC-profiling - only in combination with Productionserver or Proofgate - to reach the color characteristics of conventional printing methods.