Repro Proof Module (RPM)

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Repro Proof Module (RPM)


The RPM, formerly Screen Print Proof Module (SPPM), enables color and screen/dot-accurate digital proofs with appropriate inkjet printers that simulate the print results of screen printing machines. As a result, it is possible to control print results before printing and to use the proof as an approval tool. RPM's uniqueness is ability to reproduce accurate colors and screened dots at the same time.

The Repro Proof Module carries over the RIP data provides them via the color management of Productionserver and creates the output file for the screen and color accurate proof.

To use RPM, application of Productionserver and Film and Plate Module (FPM) is necessary.

Repro Proof Module contains various functions for a seamless dot-accurate proof and screen printing proof workflow:

  • Generation of screen printing simulation profiles
  • Transfer of screening RIP data from the Film and Plate Module to the Repro Proof Module
  • Color and screen accurate simulation of screen printing incl. paper white (screen printing proof)
  • Calculation of tone value curve and approximation of differences enables screen accurate output of proof.
  • Selection of the screen in the RPM enables comfortable quality comparison of different screen settings.